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  1. Hmm, How exactly would he attempt to find my location yet stating he's thankful for posting my skype on the thread. If you add that all up, If means you used a skype resolved to get my "location" which he clearly is way off!
  2. [quote name='StevenAbraham']I don;t code much but I think something like this might be what your looking for. I don't really know if this works but I think using a switch statement could do you good. switch (npcKills) { Case 50: c.getItems().addItem(995, 100000); c.sM("You have been awarded 1M Coins"); break; Case 100: c.getItems().addItem(995, 1000000); c.sM("You have been awarded 10M Coins"); break; Case 250: c.getItems().addItem(995, 5000000); c.sM("You have been awarded 50M Coins"); break; }[/QUOTE] Thank you man! Appreciate it
  3. I live no where near Scarborough! Ha, using a skype resolver Pathetic fucks
  4. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']gtfo you leeching little shit stain. every one of your threads has been requesting help, High105 provided exactly what you asked for and now your trying to slag him off because you didn't describe it clearly enough. "hur the code is too short it haz bugs" yeah okay then you go to any GOOD java developer and they will tell you exactly the same as high said, Minimizing your code and simplifying it is common practise in any developing language as it makes it more efficient. as for [code]if (c.npcKills == 50)[/code] I don't see how that could have a single fucking bug because it is calling a specific number directly from the fucking player save you arrogant stuck up cunt.[/QUOTE] Woah buddy, why are you so angry? Did someone get off his meds? See a doctor consulting your anger problems.
  5. Themselves is plural, You said Hang Yourself which is singular so the right word would be Yourself! Goodness, You're fucking retarded. You think being a grammar nazi will win you this "Argument". Pathetic
  6. Hmm, I really never realized that telling someone to hang themself is "HELPING". In your case, It would probably be one of the best thing to happen on earth. Again: You have been of no help to me or anyone in general.
  7. You seem a little mad, Did you catch feelings? Please don't cry little girl What kind of a human being says "Keyboard Warrioir"? How mentally ill do you have to be to use that word? It really just makes you sound unstable. CORRECTION: Its a Laptop Screen I'm just gonna stop replying because I can't wonder how it feels to be you. Dear god, help High105 through his period.
  8. Why would I hide behind my computer? Hiding from who? You seem very intimidating :'( (SARCASM) I obviously would be scared you. Youre so scary Mr. ToughGuy
  9. Let me be clear, I already finished the achievements. Created a method that works once you get 50NPC Kills, You get 1M Added to your bank. I just wanted to keep making a fool out of you, your mind is clearly not where it should be. Sorry to say, but you've got problems [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=GetHelp]#GetHelp[/URL] ?
  10. [quote name='high105']I honestly, do not understand what you're trying to do with the 100 kills? From what you're saying it seem to me that you want to claim the 1m even if you have 100 kills? Edit: Not sure if I'm the only one misunderstanding you or if you're the one who needs to clarify[/QUOTE] God help you! The hundred kills are for another achievement. The code I want is supposed to give the player 1M Coins once he reaches 50 NPC Kills not 100 The code you gave is not sufficient, READ THE LINES PROPERLY if (npcKills >= 50 && npcKills <= 99) IF I ADD MY PART TO THAT CODE, It will be If you have 50 - 99 kills, You can claim the 1M coins, What if you forget to claim the 1M Coins and you have 100+ NPC Kills, That means you missed the chance of claiming the reward. You're honestly fucking retarded, I hope you know that *PS* I dont need to clarify anything. Use your common sense and try to read all the line and put them together instead of repeatedly making a fool out of yourself
  11. [quote name='high105']Well you could add a loop so that if you're over 50 kills But all I ANSWERED was AND OBVIOUSLY you aren't being rewarded because YOU asked again, [B]I want it to be like from 50 NPC Kills to 99 NPC Kills[/B] so I fail to see why in the world you would think this would work for 100 kills.. as you stated you wanted it to work from 50-99[/QUOTE] I feel bad for you, I really do. I asked for 2 methods, I can make the first one work 100% but I choose not to as it is not very sufficient. + If you read what I wrote, I said "But what if you wanna claim the 1M if you have 100 Kills? Huh?" Never said It would work for 100 Kills. I stated that WHAT IF YOU HAVE 100 KILLS, AND YOU WANT TO CLAIM THE 1M CASH REWARD FOR THE 50NPC Kills Hurts to be you [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=You]#You[/URL] 'reRetarded
  12. Tell me how that code is sufficient in any way possible? That code states that if you have 50-99 kills, You can claim your 1M Coins (IF I ADD MY PART) But what if you wanna claim the 1M if you have 100 Kills? Huh? Stop being so ignorant and accept that the method you gave is shitty. A clean one would be like if (npcKills == 50) c.getItems().addItem(995, 100000); c.sM("You have been awarded 1M Coins"); break; ^ That code gives 1M Coins once you hit 50 Kills *PS* You've helped in no way possible :gg:
  13. [quote name='high105']I do not understand? I fail to see how, "It works but Its not a very good code" Wtf does that mean?[/QUOTE] Quit being so pissy, Its not a very good code because its not very thorough. Its a small code which could have many bugs! A code that is 100% that I want is it gives 1M Coins once NPCKills == 50 Was that so hard to understand?