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  1. oh and it would be nice if it had hotkeys, some don't i dunno why
  2. Does anyone know any actual good 317 sources with d claws and fully working godswords? Every one I try that has claws/gs has really delayed combat where it takes forever to attack and are just generally bad. I want a nice stable 317 to brid with my friends on so if anyone knows of one that would be appreciative! And also I'm dumb with this stuff but can you play on any client??
  3. ElTown

    How can friends play?

    where do I put the ip into the client? because i have it in the source, and do others use the same client?
  4. I entered my hamachi ip into the server file under source and compiled it. I then ran the run file and it said the server was online under the right ip and port, but when I try to play on it using for example rswebclients or moparscape clients it says error connecting to the server even if we are all in the hamachi. I'm new to this so what client am I suppose to play on? Because I can play fine on my pc with the client it came with. ps - I copied the client I used onto a thumbdrive and tried it on my other pc and it wouldn't even open up
  5. ElTown

    Character Files??

    Hi, I'm veryyyy new to all this stuff so I'm not understanding why my characters aren't being saved into the character document spot. I will create a character and when I go to make it an owner the character doesn't show up but all its info is saved as I can log in and still have the same things.