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  1. Tons of updates since the launch. More being added everyday check it out!
  2. -I have had a flurry of updates in the past 2 days. Here are some of the updates. -There is overall high scores in the quest tab at the bottom. They update with a command that I just type every once and a while. -I just added a small high scores section as of now just to test it and make sure there are not any huge issues.-I am going to be adding weekly and daily high scores. With rewards for one daily a day and one weekly a week. Week long reward will be better than daily. -I added quite a few things in this past update.-I changed barrows completely. Now all the brothers are on top of their mounds and you can farm them for their gear. Dharoks drops Dharok gear Ahrims drops Ahrim gear etc.-I also Changed slayer a little bit. When you get your task you can choose the difficulty. Easy, Normal, or Hard. There is also a counter for your task in the quest tab now.-I added a cc that players are automatically added into when they log on.-I made it so you can go through Brimhaven Dungeon and not be blocked by objects. Clicking the objects moves you through them.EDIT:-I just added personal loot announcing as of request. You just click the loot share in clan chat. As long as you are not the owner of the clan or not in a clan, you will see your loots that are worth over 5k. I might make this amount changeable by the player later I am not sure.-I also added in xp locks for combat abilities. The commands are as follows ( ::lockatt ::lockstr ::lockdef ::lockhp ::lockrng ::lockmge ) These are remembered when logging in and out so if you have a 1 defence pure just do ::lockdef and your def xp will never move.-Dropping barrows items no longer makes them broken. They also are dropped by the npc in mint condition and will stay that way forever.
  3. SolarScape is a community driven private server where the fun never ends. There are tons of activities to keep you busy and lots of rewards for being part of our server! This is no ordinary RSPS, this is a server run by the players and their interests. Our goal is to keep the adventurers of SolarScape satisfied. See you in game! Home Page: SolarScape Home Page Auto Vote Rewards! Auto Donations! Website of SolarScape Website of SolarScape - Dedicated staff keeping tabs on updates and players 24/7 - Daily rewards for voters - Seasonal events :In Game: - Fully working godwars - All Chaotics - All Nex sets - All new items added - All working skills - Great player base - Barrows minigame - Perfect hybrid switching - Regulated economy - Personable staff - Fully equiped starting zone - Special skilling zones - Updated daily - Fully functional Corp - Slayer with great rewards - Reduced prayer point loss - Custom game modes - Donator zones and perks - Daily login perks - All PvP zones available - Fully functional Jad - PvP and PvM Highscores Website of SolarScape
  4. I have a new rsps called troostpk. It is being hosted on a vps and I have a bit of work to do before I get an advertisement. I need someone to help me create a website and/or graphics. You will get benefits in game and possibly some money depending on how much you help me out. Nothing big. Just give me a reply and I will get in touch.
  5. I am running a new server called troostpk. Still doing some work before it is playable. I need someone that is good with making graphics for maybe a title a banner and a website header. If the work is good I may be please add me on skype: james.robert.troost