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  1. SamJ you can email me at stprl1995 @ g ma il . com with no spaces.
  2. [CENTER][b][SIZE=5]TDi's FREE UNLOCKING SERVICE[/SIZE][/b] [i]Hello guys, Daily I run a phone's repair and servicing business and I though I would bring something to the RL community. I can unlock your blackberry's for the total cost of 0.00 or $0.00 currency is your choice! I can also do some other phones but you will have to request them as and when![/i] [b]Please note that this is a completely legal and above board method of unlocking and my services are NOT for sale they are completely free and therefore somewhat limited (I can unlock all blackberrys and some android phones) You will be provided with a CODE to enter and instructions on how to do so.[/b] Admins - If there is any problems please feel free to hit me up on PM but as I said this a completely free and above board service that I'm offering strictly to the users of RL. [i]PLEASE MOVE THE TOPIC IF YOU BELIEVE ITS IN WRONG PLACE [/i] [b]PLEASE ENTER YOUR REQUESTS AS COMMENTS AND I SHALL PM YOU WITH THE DETAILS![/b][/CENTER]
  3. If you need any hosting services, vps, dedi, webhosting shoot me a pm or check out my thread in the services section.
  4. [IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/2yma8t2.png[/IMG]
  5. This guy is awesome and completely Legitimate (y)
  6. Post edited slightly thanks to my customers for vouches.
  7. TDi

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  8. [quote name='nattypj']Just purchased one.. Legit. Fast reply, good vps. Better than any I could find online.[/QUOTE] Thank you for your custom and enjoy your VPS any problems then please skype me any time. TDi
  9. [CENTER][img]http://nexanscape.com/forum/images/wow/logo.jpg[/img] [B]Hello and welcome to the official NexanScape runelocus thread.[/B] [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck05vdi2wtxr4s8/NexanScape.jar?dl=1"][IMG]http://www.streamlicensing.com/play/buttons/2.png[/IMG][/URL] [B][I]Why should I play NexanScape?[/I][/B] [I]We are a nice and friendly server, we take on your ideas and suggestion and we put them through a process and most of the time if they make sense we add them in, there is constantly better things coming to the server and we are always making improvements, we have a nice stable economy and extremely friendly staff! We believe in giving you the gamer exactly what you want to see from the game.[/I] [I][B]Some Features[/B][/I] Hosted 24/7 on a extremely fast Virtual Private Server Easy to use forums and website platform with a clean crisp gaming look Easy going staff who listen to your suggestions Auto Donation system Auto Vote system with rewards Working mySQL integrated high scores system up to date rune-scape items up to date rune-scape mini-games perfect clipping all bosses included agility ticket system some customs but not to many Slayer ticket system Brutal dragons, Green Dragons and others Rock Golems Clue Scrolls Efiggy's as 0.1% drops Working on Dominion tower And many many more features plus more to come! [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck05vdi2wtxr4s8/NexanScape.jar?dl=1"][IMG]http://www.streamlicensing.com/play/buttons/2.png[/IMG][/URL] [B]Screenshots[/B] [img]http://i.imgur.com/mR2oTFT.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/1Z2rq1H.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/MCUkXCP.jpg[/img] [I]Please feel free to visit our forums below and also download our client! Sign up to the forums, get involved in the community and have a go at the competitions, whatever you do ENJOY YOURSELFS![/I] Client Download - [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck05vdi2wtxr4s8/NexanScape.jar?dl=1[/url] Website Link - [url]http://www.nexanscape.com/[/url] Website link 2 - [url]http://www.nexanscape.co.uk/[/url] Credits : [I]Credits to Poanizer for the extinction V2 base that we used to create the server Credits to myself and Natty for adding in features and myself for the creation of website etc. Credits to others for base systems for autovote, autodonate and highscores.[/I][/CENTER]
  10. If someone can help me get my highscores fully working then I'll pay them. I have done most of the work, just getting something wrong and cant figure it out skype me sam.thomas20
  11. Hey guys Idk what the fuck has happened but I seem to have developed a stuck at %1 problem for some players its a strange one, some can get online some cant, I have searched through source and client files cant find any autodownloader files etc to find the link I'm using the extinction V2 source. I have tried deleting cache, Tried getting the cache directly inserting it to my C drive under users etc, tried re installing java , uninstalling, upgrading, tried resetting my computer to a previous date, I and a few others are still getting this issue so I assume its a problem with the server its self.. Yes its portforwarded correctly and no my firewall is causing no conflicts at all, I have turned it off and on and tried both. I know the server is working as I was playing it today then suddenly it was loading 1%, same for the other guys, but theres still some people able to load the client and play. I have not been banned in server files neither has anyone else already checked all that. any help would be appreciated or you can tv me , skype me sam.thomas20 Ill pay anyone who can fix.
  12. Hey guys and girls. I'm Sam! - I have a 667 server that is basically up and running, has a couple of regular players. We have a 24/7 hosted VPS, a proper forums with hosting and full domains. I just need a developer who is prepared to help me with the bugs and glitches in the server and round everything off to be at a "near perfect stage" I'm looking to add stuff change stuff and generally optimize the server. We are using donations to pay for the vps but anything over the costs of the server you are welcome too. Please skype me Sam.Thomas20 Sam
  13. Trying to find out what I have done wrong, I have jarred the client with Loader not loader, done everything properly, tried jdk 6 and 7 Tried using Loader.java instead of Loader.class neither work Tried adding cache into client files. Tried basically most of the suggestions on the internet it seems not to be something obviousy YES the jarred file is uploaded to dropbox and the link is inside the client.html file, I have tried many different html clients. if anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it my skype is Sam.Thomas20