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  1. look bro. this thread is me asking for help wanna help me, thanks dont want to help me? its okay wanna post shit comments on my thread? go SMD
  2. i just love that "Co-Coder" lol. and yeah i agree with ^^^^^^^
  3. Hey everyone note: this is for blank source and client. So the first thing, (Main error) is that when i make a tele command, such as home command, and i save and compile, it doesnt work on the server. even tho im sure i have right codes. but i have a feeling that my compiler isnt working :l 2nd thing, Shops. i have added over 20 shops to it, but cant find the npcs.... for example when i spawn zeke, because hes one of the shops, when i trade him the shop is empty, and he just says on top of him "trade me for super shop" or w,e it is.. and for shopkeeper same empty shop and says something else. 3rd thing, (the edit) when a staff member logs in, for example me, it says "Owner and coder pro has logged in" but i wanted to add crowns next to it. so opened the client.java, edited it, added next to the text from each sides "<img=3>", saved, compiled. then got on the server. it said "<img=3>owner and coder pro has logged in<img=3> Thx for reading
  4. Oh.. my problem is totally different... the .jar client only works with SOME people. the others get a pop-up when they click the client that says java exception occured
  5. France, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Uruguay looooooooooooooooool Yeah ik theyre 5, but theyre my favourite!!
  6. [quote name='SpawnscapeV2']Me and a friend started making SpawnScape We need help on skype how to jar our client it isnt like normal how its suppose to be add me on skype Jordan Rusch i have 3 skypes so add them all to make sure you get the right one we will offer staff spot for our server for whoever can help us[/QUOTE] I can help you out Through Team Viewer. PM me for my skype, and i'm just helping you like people helped me when i was in desperate need of it ;), and i DON'T WANT STAFF ON YOUR SERVER! i have my own server anyways ;) Message me for skype.
  7. yo guys As some know, i recently made my server. i started sending it to my friends from skype. but the problem is that there are some people that actually get on and play, and some that get an error "Java exception occured" Anyone know how to fix it? i'd be really glad if anyone helped. ;] thanks.
  8. Wait, so you my/his players need to download jre to play?
  9. Re-jarred it about 5 times, with 5 different guides, that say the same thing. still same error. I guess i should just wait for my friend, he'll do it for me on t,v probably
  10. Hey everyone.. [url]http://up.ht/1pPTj2b[/url] thats my server but everyone when they run it they get an error: [url]http://gyazo.com/4cb007473af45b85621597c47ddf109f[/url] How do i fix it? PLEASE HELP ME, i really need to get my server up...
  11. Nice Release!! Using this for my first server ;) since the source i was using is shit
  12. Fixed it, now look [url]http://i.imgur.com/zBMOq7r.png[/url] Note: the compiler compiles just fine, the errors and these pics are from the server run.
  13. [url]http://prntscr.com/3udexx[/url]
  14. I will post my server asap XD Just give it a week or less til its up and running ;) i bet EVERYONE will love it, has drygores, and its a 317. also frostmourne, oblitary sword, royal armour, (best ing) everything you want in a server ;) ill post server here when its up
  15. I would've, but i dont have 50 rl posts, and anyways i'm owning a server :l Sorry