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  1. [quote name='Dave']did you login ingame and type "add model" or "::add model" and type the model ID make sure the models are in /raw/ in your cache. If that didn't work go to client.java, search for "models()" and uncomment it, compile, run the client, let it load to login screen, close the client, open Client.java search for "models()" and comment it back save, compile, run then try it. I saw re-read the client, make sure the model sizes are are 1 or 2KB, not bigger, should fix the error.[/QUOTE] Thanks for the response, I can't actually log in to add the models because the client crashed once they are in the raw folder and commenting did nothing either, However the model sizes are actually 3-4KB, so I don't know if this is the problem and how should I fix it if it is? Cheers.
  2. Following this guide [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?75881-Release-TokHaar-Kal-PI[/url] to add kiln cape. I downloaded models and added ints correctly (had to modify ints) models are in the raw folder and the path used is fine, but whenever I place one of the models from the new cape into my raw folder the client crashes when loaded and gives me this error Error: loaderror Connecting to update server 60 These are not first models I have added I have got spirit shields working already with no problems, can anyone help me with this pls? :emb:
  3. Well I was trying to add the bank all button to my server, then I gave up halfway through(had errors didn't know how to fix), so I clicked un-do as far as I could to undo everything I done to add them, then compiled, all fine and logged in to this: [url]http://gyazo.com/be7cc35d4562c20bf132016abb352eaf[/url] Everything normal, but interfaces are black. And: [url]http://gyazo.com/2ccaaaed6c9bb854373ed3c300e048a9[/url] If you different interfaces they stack on top of eachother. PLEASE help asap.
  4. So I am trying to add dragon claws to my PI server. I have done every step to adding a custom item but however, I can add the both model ids successfully, but the claws appear invisible. I am able to wear them/right click them, but not attack or see them. I read [url="http://www.*****************/runescape-development/rs2-client/tutorials/407646-pi-adding-dragon-claws-client-side.html"]this[/url] guide (aswell as 100s of others) and it told me to do this: Now look for. [code]//preloadModels();[/code] Change to: [code]preloadModels();[/code] But when I do this everything compiles fine, but when I run the client I get [url="http://gyazo.com/16d1023449788661db3079c3223e166a"]this.[/url] Basically what I am asking is how do I prevent this error message and how can I make the claws visible? PLEASE help I have looked everywhere but I cannot find a solution, thanks. (I know adding // back in will let the client startup fine, but this guide tells me to remove them for it to work?)
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    Potion effects?

    I used to play a server that had a zamorak brew, but it would increase your levels just as a super set would. I am interested on doing this on my server but how should I? Could someone post me some code or tell me what to change? Sorry I'm new it's probably simple :) Cheers.
  6. [quote name='Sethy'][B]1)[/B] Revisions are a certain point of the game's development. The higher the revision, the more current the development is. [b]2)[/b] If you actually want to be decent, there's a lot of good places to learn the basics of Java as opposed to learning through RSPS. I recommend Trey's guide, located here. It'll teach you the essentials, and help you a LOT throughout your RSPS career. [b]3)[/b] You could find a scratch source, which I'm sure there are a few of here, or you could create the server from scratch yourself; however that would require a significant amount of knowledge in the field. I'd search around for blank/scratch sources on here, with whatever revision you want to use. [b]4)[/b] Not sure what kind of guide you want, but I've already linked you to the basics of Java, which will be much more useful than the basics of "RSPS COdingz". Gl m8.[/QUOTE] [quote name='Demon Scopez']1. Revisions are basically the (current) version of RuneScape. There are some dumps of the item lists for some revisions located here and other places. You can check out the RSPS Downloads section of the forums. If you're just starting out, 317 or 474 are the easiest revisions. 2. There's a vast amount of tutorials on Java on the web or books. You can also check the Tutorials Section for the RSPS to also help. 3. There are a good amount of PI sources out there which are blank, or have very few NPCs/Shops, etc, coded in, therefore, allowing your self to explore those possibilities. 4. Here at RL, there is a Tutorials List on the Forums as well as at the Navigation Bar, leading to some useful tutorials. Side tip: As well, it's preferred to use an IDE, such as Eclipse (google for the DL) as it helps a lot and is really user-friendly.[/QUOTE] Thanks so much for the responses guys, you are great<3
  7. Hey, basically I would really like to start up an RSPS, not for public use yet, however. I have a few basic questions and it'd be great if you could help: 1. What are revisions? I know it defines a server what items it has etc.. but how do I see what items are in a revision and stuff like that, also where could I download a revision for an RSPS to edit? 2. How should I begin to learn coding? I'm all for looking up guides on youtube and trying to clone stuff on a blank servers, that'd be ideal but I don't know where to get a blank server. 3. I have no intention of opening a server so far, I merely want to have a blank canvas (kind of) where it is just like an older version of RS but without any pre-existing shops or NPC's, as I wish to code them myself. Is this possible? How so? 4. Could you refer me to a beginner's guide of some sort? That's it for the moment, any help would be much appreciated<3