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  1. I added you to attempt to test but you never got back to me
  2. Thanks so because i dont post on here i am automatically just considered to have no knowledge? I have never played anyone of the servers you listed above! I have stuck to small servers and helped them grow as in The Original Ultimatescape where i started and helped the server grow from 25 players to over 300 daily. I have been playing runescape for over 10 years and private servers for a little less then that. Ive seen what it takes to have a successful server and its more then just the content.
  3. Ill Gladly help out you can contact me here at [email][email protected][/email]
  4. [quote name='sandeent95']Lol you one funny ass kid. Just because we name the bosses things doesnt mean anything. Its more of just having fun? Are we not allowed to have fun with a server? What would you rather. Some boring ass name or something that isnt retarded lol. But.. i guess if you say so. We are just 18+ year olds playing a rsps with nothing else to do with our lives huh[/QUOTE] I dont think you understand how pathetic, We are just 18+ year olds with nothing better to do with our lives sounds... just saying and naming the bosses stupid thinks does make you look immature...
  5. Sounds like a cool thing to maybe do!
  6. Hell i will be a helper, beta teste,r and active member! Kinda intrigued on what your project has to offer! Already a member of your forums!
  7. Hey im having trouble being able to log in to the client, can anyone tell me why this would be? Would be an amazing thing to use if i could log on...
  8. I am very new to coding and i need help... I was hoping to be able to figure this out on my own but as you can see here i can not! I am trying to just get on to the server and i go to use the Run.bat and when i do it says,"Error could not find or load main class" and disappears really fast. Can anyone help me and help me figure this out please thanks in advance!