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  1. Hey everyone. Looking to purchase a logo/watermark. Will be used on photos I take/website/maybe on shirts. I would like the text to say Dope Scenery. We can discuss anything else in a PM. I also would like the PSD incase I want to make any changes. Thank you, Jordan
  2. That's pretty nice :). May tell my friend about this.
  3. PontanK

    Extracting RSPS

    You must have set the default program to open .jar to WinRar and not Java.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to be using adblocker til there is a confirmed fix.
  5. PontanK

    Infinity 724

    Hey! You can fix the BBCode by just editing the topic then submitting it ;).
  6. Welcome to the forums, Ricardo.
  7. That looks like an issue on your end, it seems to work fine here http://prntscr.com/8p8rei I actually figured out the issue, I turned on my ad blocker and now everything fits perfectly.
  8. Should try and get a website up.
  9. The theme barely works on smaller screens. Guess I will use my big screen ;(.
  10. The "Mithril Member" image is broken.
  11. Ooh, this looks nice! Loving the huge update