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  1. [quote name='BlackTurtle']Wait... you have a server running and you can't even compile it?[/QUOTE] I can compile it but I'm not able to compile some of the most important things
  2. [quote name='Chronicscape']Oh yea thats an anti leech btw lol[/QUOTE] Please mate, help me, i really need this :/ Or else ill have to shut down the server :(
  3. Guys, its nothing wrong with the compiler, i'm able to compile other things but i'm not able to change things such as dialogue names etc..
  4. So, i'm having this huge issue where i can't change some stuff in the source, for example whenever i try to change a teleport it just doesnt seem to change when i compile it, the same thing applies to the shops, dialogue names etc, This might be some sort of anti-leech but i'm not sure.. I've also tried to change the compiler path but no success and i've also tried using eclipse but i'm getting a bunch of errors as soon as i load it. (Rune-evo v3 source) Thanks in advance!
  5. [quote name='DamnICantFly']Do you have a "PlayerAssistant.java"? If so, can you find this code? c.faceUpdate(-1); c.freezeTimer = 0;[/QUOTE] Nope, No playerassistant and I searched for the two commands but found nothing. [quote name='DamnICantFly']Ohh crap :L I didn't notice the 637 :l I dunno if I can help you then :/[/QUOTE] You tried, thank you ;)
  6. [quote name='falconpunch']I'm totally lost with what you need help with. You changed the crowns and the rights level accordingly, but now you want to revert it back?? I'm confused.[/QUOTE] Yeah, my bad.. I've solved everyhing, thank you anyways! ;)
  7. [quote name='DamnICantFly']If you haven't checked "public void dropAllItems()" at "ItemAssistant.java", check it out :P If you have, post your code in there so we can check what it's doing :P[/QUOTE] Well, I don't have ItemAssistant.java or anything close to that, Ive searched for public void dropAllItems() In my source folder but no results came up :/ Thank you for trying to help me.
  8. I no longer need help with the donator only command so I updated the thread, could an admin please change the thread title because it doesnt seem to change.
  9. I'm using the dementhium source and I've just changed so that rank 1 is donor, 2 is superdonor, 3 is mod and 4 is admin, To do this i had to switch out the mod icon for donor and admin icon for superdonor, now the question is: How do I set the mod crown back to mod and admin crown back to admin? (I also need to do this for yell)
  10. [quote name='HighEnd']Bumpp[/QUOTE] [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?7585-No-bumping-or-double-posting[/url] No bumping allowed.
  11. [quote name='I Can Has DClawz']I have 14 players that were active waiting for me to put server back up, anyone please?[/QUOTE] Message me your skype name?
  12. As the title says, I can't drop coins and when I kill a person with coins in their inventory, they don't drop it. I've been searching for 2-3 hours now and havnt found anything. Thanks in advance ;)
  13. As the title says, Does anyone know how to change the thieving stall respawn times, because atm the gem stall is on a 180 second.. I'm using the dementhium source if that helps, Thanks ;)
  14. Relieth

    No Launcher.java?

    So, I'm new to this whole rsps hosting thingy and when I tried to add a voting system today, the tutorial said that I needed to add some lines to the Launcher.java file, which I don't have. I'm using dementhiums source. Thanks in advance ;)