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  1. what did I tell you? They all fucking suck.
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    My new app

    Looking good for the first time!
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    That Man though

  4. What I love about this website is that everybody is there for you, wether it is technology, support, or even fun!:gg:
  5. Yeah, I have just realized that I have a stupid name too :/
  6. Thanks Mate! I am looking to make a 317 not a 718' server but these steps could help indeed!
  7. Are you good at making servers?
  8. Yeah, just watch a women fuck a bellhop on a caravel cruise ship
  9. Each time I think about that old server, I think about the beauty of RSPS. This was the perfect server for me. In the future, Whenb I buy a powerful PC, anyone would like to give me a hand?
  10. Great website, only thing that bothers me is that I have to resize any photo to attach it in a thread or upload it to make it my avatar pic ;/
  11. Mohamed Ashraf 19 Egypt FIFA, COD FIFA Scoring Jackstar
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    Start listening to Tiesto's Club Life Podcasts! If you like trance and electro