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  1. Hello, RuneLocus members. I'm still working on a RS server, and I'd like it to provide multi-world support. It seems that revisions for which the clients have a looby do so through a login server. I was wondering how I'd go about doing it for a server whose client revision doesn't provide a looby. Back when 317 was the official RS client's revision, you'd choose a game world and then load the actual client. This should mean that the login process that is done by today's login servers was done by the world server itself, but the verifications were relayed to and done by another server, to which all world servers are connected (and thus, connects all world servers), like today's login servers. I was wondering if introducing such a server would be the correct way to implement multi-world support for client revisions without a looby. If so, the friends' server ought to be similar to it. I'd appreciate all your inputs on this matter. Thanks for reading, notaki
  2. Hello, RuneLocus members. I'm interested in creating a RuneScape server from sratch. There is something I need clarifications on. Your inputs will be very appreciated. I understand that the RS clients have protocols that mandate how it communicates with a server. From a few reads I've had around the web concerning RS servers, it seems that those who originally created a server used tools for reverse-engineering the client's network input/output (packets) and used the gathered information to make sense of the client's protocol. I'd appreciate any corrections on my understanding of this matter, as well as sources for tools and articles/wikis/tutorials/references that will help me understand a client's protocol. In concrete, I'm going to be starting with a clean 317 client, of which I believe Mopar is one of the easiest to get their hand on (though some didn't consider it clean enough a few years ago). I'll program the server using standard C++ (C++14) with correctness, performance and portability as primary goals (in that order). For the network part of the server, I'll be using the standalone asio library, which I've just started learning yesterday night. Right now, my only goal is to successfully login into the game world using a client connected to my server. Hopefully, after that is done, I'll be very motivated and work towards making a robust RS server. Thanks for readings, notaki