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  1. Updates! Hello everyone, Envy Me here to bring you NEW updates to the server!!!!!!! The following Below has been added to the server!(I still have 1 more boss to add a 99 skill boss)[Post on this Forum suggestions on which 99 Skill it should take to get to the boss] Dagannoth_Supreme Dagannoth_Prime Dagannoth_Rex Secret Key Boss(Wont tell you the name of the npc so ) Suggest Which Boss I should Add next with what 99 skill is needed to get to it! Vote on Poles for the boss, Post Suggestion on which 99 skill! (Note:All the monsters named will be added later on in the game) (Side Note:The Following monsters will be added this week) ^^^^ Arzinian_Avatar_of_Strength Arzinian_Avatar_of_Ranging Arzinian_Avatar_of_Magic Arzinian_Being_of_Bordanzan
  2. Apollo - Dodian Server [Forum] [Client] [Highscores] IP: rsapollo2.no-ip.org PORT: 43594 We are looking for new staff to help keep a friendly atmosphere on the server, so if interested log on and start to play. Website will be up soon with further details/forum. Pictures Starting Zone Skillcape shop Slayer Agility Ice Queen Runecrafting Staff * Mute * Envy Me * Damon * Ashley * Frost King
  3. Wesely

    RSC\RS2 Board

    Since I am developing a Runescape Classic Server, And would like to post a advertisement of my server soon, I would love to have the RSC Board and RS2 Board split up into 2 different sections so its more organized and if anyone needed help with there development I could help them.The RS2 board would overrun any RSC posts, Which I why I would like to see a RSC Section
  4. Wesely

    RSC\RS2 Board

    Split the RS2 and RSC back up into 2 different boards.