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  1. [quote name='Cart']We had this at some point, it attracted scammers more than actual buyer/sellers. This is the same case on another community related to RSPS were they are being overrun by scammers. We would rather leave the virtual sales to those communities that are dedicated and run around the underground scene.[/QUOTE] I mean like, not to advertise but mostly everyone know's about rune server... I don't see anyone scamming on there. You guys should really add it, I have some really good sales that some people might want to buy. There could be a middleman team for the virtual boards. Set up by trusted people, and obviously everyone want's a middleman fast so we want a big nice trusted middleman team. Or just add the boards & IP Ban anyone who scam's. Because I'm pretty sure everyone wants to make profit. Make a strict topic of the rules, and I'm pretty sure no one want's to get IP Banned on the RuneLocus Forum. All up to you guys, the staff team should have a conversation about this. Please think deeply through this suggestion.
  2. Boards like: virtual item / non virtual-item would be appreciated. I have some sales & I'm pretty sure a lot of people have some things valuable to other players they would like to buy/sell.
  3. Thank you sir. Thanks would be appreciated!
  4. This is an application for all 3. I will accept only 1 payment, I can do the other 2 for free. If you want the other 2 for free you have to send me the 1 payment. Name: Ahmad Country: USA Age: 20 Previous Experience: I've been doing HTML\PHP\JAVA languages. What can you provide?:I can advertise, do JAVA, I can also do some HTML, I'm not a pro programmer, but I can do several things. Why do you want to join this team?: I would like to join this team because I would like to help make a server successful and I'm in need of money. How much time are you willing to devote a week to this project: I can spend many hours devoting my time on this project, like I mentioned earlier I want to make this successful & I'm in need of money. It's now summer, I have a lot of time, I can also stay up most of the day's working on this project. Skype Username: I'll pm you that if I'm accepted.
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    It has been more than 24 hours, bump! Sorry went on vacation so I was not active!
  6. [quote name='KhalidSalem']Thanks! [COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR] Thanks![/QUOTE] No problem sir.
  7. [quote name='b1tch']Nice, but on quite a lot of server sources, im getting some errors while running[/QUOTE] Try redownloading eclipse.
  8. [quote name='telix']So i'm very new at rsps's and recently i've decided to make one but now i've ran into a problem, the server is running fine but whenever i run the client and log in it gets stuck at loading - please wait (0%) :S please help.[/QUOTE] Go to signlink.java. Search for the cache name, go to the C:/ and create the folder cache name. Make sure the cache name is the same as the folder name, capitalization etc. Go to cachedownloader.java and copy the download link, put it in your url bar, download it and extract all the files into the cache folder you created.
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    [quote name='Ranger']you should add your prices in the thread. And your TOS. you should add your prices in the thread.[/QUOTE] People may offer, I'll add the tos right now, and a format.
  10. [COLOR="#008080"][CENTER]Hello, I am doing some services to raise money for advertisement's for my server. I do not have any vouches but some people can trust me, and I will ask them to vouch on the thread. I only do services I can do. Post a comment, I may be able to do more services. Server 317 PI Selling 317 PI Source & Client KillStreak System AutoVote Tutorials you cannot do. Client 317- Adding ModIcons Flawless Switching Auto Cache Downloader & Jarring Tutorials you cannot do - I cannot do any background switching, login boxes, any music to the client. Website Any Help, installation, user nameglows, mysql errors, etc vBulletin - help. Invision Power Board - Help. MyBB - Help SMF - Help Voting System Errors, installation and more...... Auto Donation System IXat files, & setting up. RsPsCommunity files & setting up. Demo: Invision Power Board Custom Homepage Packages Forums installation & homepage Auto Vote & Auto Donate 317 PI Source & Client, forums installation, & homepage. Ready to go. Graphics Signatures Banners - Not animated! Format: [quote] Skype: Do you agree to terms listed above: Service(s) Wanted/Requesting: Amount(negotiable): Extra(s):[/quote] TOS: [quote] 1. There will be no refunds unless the service is not completed. 2. If you change ANY of my files and mess it up, you will agree to pay for a fix. 3. You will thank the thread and rep++ after the service is complete. 4. I can deny any service that I want. 5. If you release any of my content without my permission you will pay me a fine. - YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RELEASE/SELL MY WORK! 6. By reading this thread or accepting my services you acknowledge this T.O.S and agree with it. [/CENTER][/COLOR][/quote]
  11. JDK/Java JDK: [url]http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html[/url] Java: [url]http://java.com/en/download/windows_xpi.jsp?locale=en[/url] Your JDK/Java may be outdated.