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  1. Hello all! So for the past few days, I've been putting together a "task bar/System tray" extension. If you're like me, and are frequently using more than one monitor, you probably have the same problem as me. Well I have my second monitor turned portrait. So my taskbar size is pretty limited. So.. I thought, what if i made a program that increased the size of my taskbar, and keep programs I use frequently in reach? Was too lazy to google it, and programming is too much fun. So enter: ANgTaskbarExtension [attachment=58:4fc6f398a28e20a6b118f8ebe675be45.png] It's currently under development, but here you can see the tabs that list different objects you wish to have grouped together; for example, the current one are your utility programs. Notepad++, Eclipse, web-browsers.. etc(currently only supports .exe files. Later will support possibly MP3, bat, etc) When you press the + button, you will be prompted with a File Explorer, allowing you to select what you want the main button to be; ie, Eclipse. It will stay that way until restarting the program(for now. The cog wheel will give the user the ability to change the program they wish to have there.) As of now, the program will generate a config file in one's Documents file that will be read from, reading your previous taskbar programs you chose, and will load them up next time you start my program. As of now, adding the programs,and launching them are 100% functional. Pac-man icon is a placeholder, for maybe a controller icon. Insinuates a game tab. For your games. Globe icon is for bookmarks, or internet browsers. The lock icon locks the program from being clicked away from, and will disable the ability to hit the minimize and close buttons. To-Do: Get it so that the program will load your saved config file .exe files, so that when you start the program from the last time you used it, it will load them. [attachment=59:f5e7c1932ac5eb30fe38d7a6951930dc.gif] Let me know what you guys think. Thanks :)