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  1. What data revisions does SS use? I know 317 Characters and 562 gameframe, and im assuming 602gfx, anims, but what else? (NPCS, items, objects, maps, etc..)
  2. Looking for a mostly clean [PI] client+server loading.. 525 or 562 Gameframe 508+ Maps 500+ GFX/Animations (Preferably 602) Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Hello, this is a serious and high quality project. We are looking for a committed lead developer that has extensive Runescape Private Server experience. The founder and Co-Founder(Me) both have java knowledge and have dealt with private servers before. We also already 2 semi-experienced developers. However, we are looking for a very experienced RSPS developer who will be able to take on some of the more challenging tasks. I have the java knowledge to code anything in game, but not the Private Server knowledge. You must be very committed for the long-term, as this project will not be released for a couple months, but it will be bug free, built with flawless execution. You will be paid with a percentage of the donations, so it is in your and the other developers hands in how much you make, a better server will produce more revenue so more pay for you. If interested, contact me on skype - "Fs-brian"
  4. Pm'd you [COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR] Pm'd you
  5. what's other one?