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  1. haha hey vesta :P, and i did trust me, you've probably seen me around a bit, i uploaded cache to dropbox and put link in cachedownloader.java ofcourse but it still will not download
  2. The title mostly says it all, im using the revolutionX client for a project and it won't download the cache it just stops at requesting title screen..retrying in i don't know why it's doing this, i ZIP'D the cache correctly and it just won't do it, any help anyone? would be apreciated, thanks
  3. Hey guys its 4ces just a quick question to see if anyone could help me out. I want to make my home teleport Have multiple options to tele people places, almost like multiple homes i guess and actually teleport to different locations when each option is selected. I found a few things but im a bit unclear on how i would go about doing this as well as making each option teleport differently. Help would be very apreciated, thanks - 4ces :)
  4. hey guys its me 4ces, i was wondering if anyone could tell or help me figure out how get my pi 317 client to load the new cache after i edited it like background sprites etc, but i did that and .rar'd it and uploaded to my dropbox so its a 1 click download but when i do this it messes up when loading and it loads another caches background etc, this client seems like it loads like 3 different caches, its the insidiax client, like it has things of erasedpkz cache, and 2 others, and it wont load mine =/ without messing up or somthing and all i did was change some of the sprites and try reuploading and put new link in and compiling, anyone help please? it would be very apreiated
  5. i don't need the webclient but how rsgp for you to accually get the client to load the correct things, cause the client loads like 4 diff cache's kind of like peices from each
  6. idk tbh lol, in my 317 it has 5, lol dont listen to me XD
  7. well what revision is your server? in 317 it should be 5 i think
  8. Hey guys, its me 4ces, i was hopefing for some help on how to change the cache for the autocache downloader, ive already tried to do it but i didn't seem to work that well, i went into the cache and i edited what i wanted to edit the i .rar'd the cache and uploaded to my dropbox with public link so its instant download for the autocache downloader but when it autodownloads cache the client still showed old background and certain old stuff and says that mapdataconfig.java is missing when i put it in..., any help please? would be very much apreciated
  9. lol nah, i make them in paint, add me on skype if you want examples skype name - Aces0fsp4des