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  1. Are you sure your client is completly compatible with your cache? Not every cache works with every client. Also with IDE you can easy fix errors, it shows them were they are and they even give you some suggestions. unfortunately there are to much people who like to point others down and never help/share there knowledge.
  2. Wait... you have a server running and you can't even compile it?
  3. Nice info. Althought it is funny everyone start to hate even when they see you want to earn something :p
  4. Hello, Thank you all for the feedback and thank you for the one who gave advice. Also i am not looking for money, but i want to create a break-even-point with the server. I mean i want to do this, i want to invest my time in it (daily 5-10- hours) atm, so yes i do my best for it. And i know the site is a free domain, but if i had to buy also a site, it would cost me even more and it would make a break-even-point even harder. I am new with the RSPS thing, with creating a website and with hosting a server, but i am willing to learn and to grow. In my opinion it is also really important that you are interactif with the players/the people who visite the server, so yes that is something that will happen automatically. Anyway thanks for the input (will soon add the images)
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  6. Not sure about this error. But mostly an error with a client is caused by the cache, and i would suggest to check this since you have the same error with 2clients.
  7. Nice idea :) I was also thinking about a new/special way to bring items like that in the game. I might use it in the future , also about the coding, everyone always complains but nobody ever helps...
  8. Make sue your client and source use the same custom client build code, or what ever it is called. It can be 1,3,5 if i am not wrong.
  9. Do you have got jdk/jre 7? Since i had once jdk/jre 8 and it didn't work for me then.
  10. RSPS servers (and rs) is absed on jre/jdk 7, you will need to install jdk/jre 7
  11. [url]http://imgur.com/UnVVVg2[/url] How can i fix those errors? I want to delete just the complete path , but i don't know how i need to. Also sicne today there is a folder in the server i can't delete anymore. Can someone help me out?
  12. I know this is a NPC and Tnx, i think i found all the working fishing spots :)
  13. Maybee a really stupid question and yes i know that this a snippet is, but i was wondering it already for a longer time. How can you call an extra file so that it actually get's involved with the rest of the code? How can you call this from inventoryoptionshandler ? I have been wondering this for a while so i always write things into the inventoryoptionshandler instead of another file, but this makes everything really messy.