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  1. Hey guys, Random Character files are being erased causing a reset to occur. I go into Data.Characters and most of them have 4,5,6KB and then you'll see a 0KB thrown in there which would be an account that has been rolled back. I'm not sure exactly what's causing it although it must be an issue in my playersave. If anyone knows what's going on it'd be awesome to hear from you.
  2. Auto-vote Auto-donation Player count not working ( always says 0 players online) Need my farming fixed up Adding Loyalty Points Adding Skill Points Add me on skype if you can do any/all of these things " LoganG3Powerbot "
  3. Helped me with my VPS, created a new client display, jarred my file and got my server online! Huge vouch for Seth!
  4. Basically I want to pay someone to do a handful of things for me; - Help me find a Source+Client that is 'ready to use'. - Get my server online with the VPS that I will purchase(it's something that I'd rather pay someone to do than figure out myself) - Help my make little changes to make it my own (highscores, move home, etc) - Possibly help me with my website (although I am able to do that for myself mostly) After those are all set I will be looking to hire coders to help me with my server as a paid position, not as a staff spot on the server. We can talk on Skype as to how much you'd be getting paid. Add my on Skype, " LoganG3Powerbot "
  5. Be prepared to show work! Still looking
  6. Added everyone who left their skype. Waiting on responses. Still looking
  7. Bump - Still looking
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum here as I'm sure you guys can tell. I've been playing RSPS for about 5 years now and would consider myself a vet. :P However one thing I never learned to do was code or even run a server. It's always been something that I wanted to do and I figure now would be as could of a time as any. I just finished up my first year of college (hold the applause) and I'm looking to pick up this hobby again. I'm sure someone may be worried that after my summer vacation here I'll be back to college and will no longer have time for an RSPS? well, by that time I will be taking my courses online which means I can do that at any time throughout the week which makes me open just about any time of the day or night to run the server. A downside of working with me is that I do not know one lick of coding. I've never made an effort to start a server, don't know the first thing about getting one online, and don't know how to code a website. An upside? I'm an incredible people person, I have some money to get a server up and going, and I really have the drive to keep a server up and running. People tend to like me and I'm thinking they'd really like my server. I'd really like to get one up sooner rather then later but I am going to wait for a coder that I seem to click with because I'm not looking to waste my time. I'm looking for someone who is an experienced coder, isn't ridiculously expensive (remember I make $7.25\hour + tips working in a restaurant) :P, has the drive to keep with the server for a while. In addition to payment you'd get a developer rank on the server and if you're looking to be active on the server, which would be preferable, I'd make you co-owner (actually, you'd make yourself co-owner;)). If anyone is interested and would like to get going on this with me my skype is Logan.RedX and you could also send me a message on the forums. if there's something else I should include on this please do leave a post on what I should add in order to answer some questions. ~Logan EDIT: I have a source I am interested in using. Taking suggestions on sources, looking for 317-564.
  9. My '02 Mitsubishi Eclipse hasn't done my wrong yet. ;)