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  1. https://mega.nz/#!owpRzJBT!D_ixFt7xB9_lZwoSsL83gFHsqfz7fHK8u_5b8tkNIzA name = Ghostly farmer outfit value = 1 team id = 0 members only = false equip slot = -1 equip type = 0 stack ids = stack amounts = stackable = 0 inv model zoom = 704 model rotation 1 = 58 model rotation 2 = 0 model offset 1 = 0 model offset 2 = -1 inv model id = 99360 male equip model id 1 = -1 female equip model id 1 = -1 male equip model id 2 = -1 female equip model id 2 = -1 male equip model id 3 = -1 female equip model id 3 = -1 inventory options = null;null;null;null;drop; ground options = null;null;take;null;null; changed model colors = changed texture colors = switch note item id = -1 noted item id = -1 unnoted = false switch lend item id = -1 lended item id = -1 unknownArray1 = unknownArray2 = unknownArray3 = unknownArray4 = -1;-1;45;-1;-1;-1; unknownArray5 = unknownArray6 = unknownInt1 = 0 unknownInt2 = 0 unknownInt3 = 0 unknownInt4 = 0 unknownInt5 = 2047 unknownInt6 = 1 unknownInt7 = 0 unknownInt8 = 0 unknownInt9 = 128 unknownInt10 = 0 unknownInt11 = 0 unknownInt12 = 0 unknownInt13 = 0 unknownInt14 = 0 unknownInt15 = 0 unknownInt16 = 0 unknownInt17 = 0 unknownInt18 = 0 unknownInt19 = 0 unknownInt20 = 0 unknownInt21 = 0 unknownInt22 = 0 unknownInt23 = 0 unknownValue = 0 anInt7904 = 0 anInt7923 = 0 anInt7939 = 0 aString7902 = null oldInvModel = 0 oldMaleEquipModelId3 = 0 oldFemaleEquipModelId3 = 0 oldMaleEquipModelId2 = 0 oldFemaleEquipModelId2 = 0 oldMaleEquipModelId1 = 0 oldFemaleEquipModelId1 = 0 old changed model colors = old changed texture colors = Clientscripts KEY: 4085, VALUE: Create the Ghostly Farmer outfit from Ghostweave. [/CODE]
  2. https://ghreborn.000webhostapp.com/Godzhell/cache.zip heres the cache
  3. Link has been reuploaded
  4. ok some people were bugging me to release an another godzhell source so here u areso what this package comes with is the remake of the GodzHell aka traxxas-scape source and an 09 version of the client. plus the 2013 website.the client will auto download the cache. plz dont bad comments. http://linkshrink.net/7uaX4R
  5. back then i didnt know alot about coding it was my first source lol
  6. its been offline for some weeks but the 721 is online at ghreborn.com
  7. Hey guys this is jessewhitley here to to put out v.2 of ghr >> DOWNLOAD <<
  8. does anyone have the slayer tower clipped with this format tiles.put(0 << 28 | x << 14 | y, true);
  9. i dont got 5 dollars lol and i am trying to add more theving npcs like h;a;m members
  10. anyone really i am getting really sick of people not helping me i am thinking of quiting this site....
  11. i have posted this on moparscape with no help so can u guys tell me what to do i am trying to add more npcs to the theving class i got the npc in just need to add a theving for them the items are in too i just need to make it work i dont know how to add more thieving to the source i am trying to learn how to code rune source can someone help me?
  12. Rs-Reborn is a 317 server that is running the 2006scape source Rs-Reborn is a remake of the years of 2006. Rs-Reborn will help you relive your childhood memories and get away from the terrible new content jagex has put in place of that. We are going to be a 99 % strict remake with decent exp rates and great game play. The server has a 35.0 exp rate! [url=http://rs-reborn.comoj.com/]http://rs-reborn.comoj.com/[/url] [b][u]Progress[/u][/b]: The [color=red]red color[/color] means the feature has not yet been started. The [color=orange]orange color[/color] means the feature has been started and is under construction. The [color=green]green color[/color] means the feature has been finished. [b][u]Client Features[/u][/b]: [color=green]- Loading full 377[/color] [color=green]- Auto cache downloader[/color] [color=green]- Full music system[/color] [color=green]- Enter to login[/color] [color=green]- Ability to use k/m/b with money[/color] [color=green]- Quick reply option for private messages[/color] [color=green]- Multi platform support[/color] [color=green]- Fast client[/color] [b][u]Server Features[/u][/b]: [img]http://i.imgur.com/bQQmu.gif[/img] [u][b]Prayer[/b][/u]: [color=green]- All bones bury-able[/color] [color=green]- Every prayer working properly[/color] [color=green]- Prayer bonus affects prayer drain rate[/color] [color=green]- Zombie Random[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/YnmBh.gif[/img] [u][b]Agility[/b][/u]: [color=green]- Gnome, Brimhaven, and Wilderness, Pyramid, Werewolf courses usable[/color] [color=green]- Force movement mask[/color] [color=green]- Correct animations used[/color] [color=green]- Run energy affected by weight and level[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/0HOQK.gif[/img] [u][b]Firemaking[/b][/u]: [color=green]- Correct anims[/color] [color=green]- Ashes[/color] [color=green]- All logs lightable[/color] [color=green]- Colored fires[/color] [color=green]- Clipped[/color] [color=green]- Can't light fires in Bank[/color] [color=green]- Can click logs on the ground and light them[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/UpykY.gif[/img] [u][b]Woodcutting[/b][/u]: [color=green]- Stumps and regrowing trees[/color] [color=green]- Correct hatchet finding[/color] [color=green]- Correct hatchet animations[/color] [color=green]- All trees cut-able[/color] [color=green]- Correct fall chance algorithms[/color] [color=green]- Birds nest falling out[/color] [color=green]- Broken axe random event[/color] [color=green]- Spirit Tree[/color] [color=green]- Canoes[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/4Ou9K.gif[/img] [b][u]Mining[/u][/b]: [color=green]- Emptying and refilling rocks[/color] [color=green]- All ores can be mined[/color] [color=green]- Correct pickaxe finding and animations[/color] [color=green]- Prospecting[/color] [color=green]- Random chance of obtaining gems[/color] [color=green]- Correct depleting of rocks chance algorithms[/color] [color=green]- Mining gems at shilo village[/color] [color=green]- Mining granite and sandstone (1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg)[/color] [color=green]- Rock Golem[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/I4pJ6.gif[/img] [b][u]Fletching[/u][/b]: [color=green] - All logs can be fletched[/color] [color=green] - Correct interfaces[/color] [color=green] - Fletch 5, 10, x, all[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/5zdcP.gif[/img] [b][u]Crafting[/u][/b]: [color=green] - Gem cutting[/color] [color=green] - Tanning[/color] [color=green] - Spinning & Picking flax[/color] [color=green] - Pottery[/color] [color=green]- Jewelry Molding[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/KbkQ8.gif[/img] [b][u]Thieving[/u][/b]: [color=green] - Stall Thieving[/color] [color=green] - NPC Thieving[/color] [color=green] - Correct anims & gfx[/color] [color=green] - Correct Respawn Times[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Xvfj1.gif[/img] [u][b]Cooking[/b][/u]: [color=green]- All fishes cookable[/color] [color=green]- All meat cookable[/color] [color=green]- Pizzas, cakes, pies, stews.[/color] [color=green]- Cooking gauntlets[/color] [color=green]- Correct anims & delays[/color] [color=green]- Working interface with multiple amount options[/color] [color=green]- Lumbridge cooking range bonus[/color] [color=green]- Eating food[/color] [color=green] - Wine[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/bUmTj.gif[/img] [u][b]Runecrafting[/b][/u]: [color=green]- Altar Enterting[/color] [color=green]- Tiaras[/color] [color=green]- All Altars[/color] [color=green]- Abyss[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/7wikM.gif[/img] [u][b]Herblore[/b][/u]: [color=green]- All potions makeable[/color] [color=green]- Itentifying herbs[/color] [color=green]- Weapon poisioning[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Bbq6R.gif[/img] [u][b]Smithing[/b][/u]: [color=green]- All bars smithable[/color] [color=green]- Smelting[/color] [color=green]- Correct anims, working interfaces & objects[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/HFOC2.gif[/img] [b][u]Fishing[/u][/b]: [color=green]- All fish can be caught[/color] [color=green]- Big net fishing[/color] [color=green]- Correct item requirements[/color] [color=green]- Fishing spots located all around the world[/color] [color=green]- Correct animations[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/HtjDm.gif[/img][u][b] Slayer[/b][/u] [color=green] - Working slayer gem - Working slayer shop - Tasks where you are required to wield any special equipment, e.g. boots out of the slayer shop - Generating task's bound on combatlevel/slayerlevel - Remove task forever for slayer points - Cancel task for slayer points - All slayer masters - All slayer masters can give you the slayer location - XP after each killed NPC, + XP after finishing task[/color] [u][b]Skills to do[/b][/u]: [img]http://i.imgur.com/6DPd9.gif[/img][color=red]-Farming[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/FmROR.png[/img] [u][b]Combat[/b][/u]: [color=green]- PvP fully complete[/color] [color=green]- PvN fully complete[/color] [color=green]- X-logging (if disconnected during combat, logs out only after 60secs or death)[/color] [color=green]- Perfect max hit formulas[/color] [color=green]- Perfect accuracy formula[/color] [color=green]- Every weapon special attack[/color] [color=green]- Equipment effects (i.e. barrows)[/color] [color=green]- Equipment requirements[/color] [color=green]- Degradable equipment[/color] [color=green]- Weapon poisoning[/color] [img]http://www.runerebels.com/images/kevin/sprites/headicons_pk%200.png[/img] [u][b]Bosses[/b][/u]: [color=green] -TzTok-Jad[/color] [color=green] -Big Wolf[/color] [color=green] -Chaos Elemental[/color] [color=green] -Count Draynor[/color] [color=green] -Dagganoth Supreme[/color] [color=green] -Dagganoth Rex[/color] [color=green] -Dagganoth Prime[/color] [color=green] -Giant Mole[/color] [color=green] -Gunthor the Brave[/color] [color=green] -Kalphite Queen[/color] [color=green] -King Black Dragon[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/uzR97.png[/img] [u][b]Minigames[/b][/u]: [color=green] -Duel Arena[/color] [color=green] -Castle Wars[/color] [color=green] -Fight Caves[/color] [color=green] -Barrows[/color] [color=green] -Fight Pits[/color] [color=green] -Pest Control[/color] [img]http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080320193236/runescape/images/archive/3/37/20090906074416%21Lamp.png[/img] [u][b]Random Events[/b][/u]: [color=green] -Broken axe random[/color] [color=green] -Bird Nests[/color] [color=green] -Sand which Lady[/color] [color=green] -Genie[/color] [color=green] -Rock Golem[/color] [color=green] -Spirit Tree[/color] [color=green] -Zombie[/color] [color=green] -Evil Chicken[/color] [color=green]- Swarm[/color] [color=green]- Shade[/color] [color=green]- Whirlpool[/color] [color=green] -Random Event Handling System[/color] [color=green] -No random in tut island, in certain areas, etc...[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/KKQ7R.png[/img] [u][b]Quests[/b][/u]: [img]http://i.imgur.com/QR4Lh.png[/img] [u][b]Miscellaneous[/b][/u]: [color=green]- Random event handler that works great with all random events[/color] [color=green]- Skill handler that works great with all skills[/color] [color=green]- Quest handler that works great with f2p or p2p quests[/color] [color=green]- Around 10 random events in place as of now[/color] [color=green]- All skills done to full completion[/color] [color=green]- Water fillables (using vials, buckets, jugs, etc. on water sources)[/color] [color=green]- Pickables (cabbages, onions, wheat, etc.)[/color] [color=green]- Skill interfaces[/color] [color=green]- Pets[/color] [color=green]- Working objects all around the world[/color] [color=green]- Almost every rs npc spawned all around the world[/color] [color=green]- Changelog with 2500 changes now[/color] [color=green]- Christmas Crackers[/color] [color=green]- Holiday events handler[/color] [color=green]- Working desert[/color] [color=green]- Single and double doors[/color] [color=green]- Dupe free guarentee (If you find a dupe it will be patched asap).[/color] [color=green]- Runescape guilds[/color] [color=green]- All food that runescape had in 2006[/color] [color=green]- Normal and ancient magics, ancients is for members only[/color] [color=green]- All runescapes shops that were in 2006[/color] [color=green]- All runescapes potions[/color] [color=green]- Correct runescape start[/color] [color=green]- Sailing[/color] [color=green]- Gnome Glider[/color] [color=green]- Bank Pins[/color] [color=green]- Correct runescape teleports[/color] [color=green]- Wilderness warning[/color] [color=green]- All rings/amulets loaed[/color] [color=green]- Al kharid/shantay pass w/dialogues & items req[/color] [color=green]- Tele tabs[/color] [color=green]- Tele other[/color] [color=green]- Lots of minigames[/color] [color=green]- Clipping following/npcs[/color] [color=green]- Empty handler added for items that can be emptied[/color] [color=green]- Crystal Chest[/color] [color=green]- Flour Mill[/color] [color=green]- Logging system for every type of thing to make sure no one gets scammed[/color] [color=green]- Update Cache[/color] [color=green]- Members Only Benefits[/color] [color=green]- Runescape prices[/color] [color=green]- Chat filtering[/color] [color=green]- Running/w energy[/color] [color=green]- Magic Carpet[/color] [color=green]- Skill Guides[/color] [color=green]- Same or close to same exp rates as runescape will be voted for[/color] [color=green]- Weapon Poisoning[/color] [color=green]- Music/Sounds[/color] [color=green]Server PIcs[/color] [img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72979356/Rs-Reborn/2.PNG[/img] [img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72979356/Rs-Reborn/Capture1.PNG[/img] [img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72979356/Rs-Reborn/Capture2.PNG[/img] [img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72979356/Rs-Reborn/Capture3.PNG[/img] I will Add More Pics As I Take Them Here's A Video [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2d5fqDBed4[/youtube]