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  1. Update: Added 4 new dungeons: Kalphite lair, Asgarnian ice dungeon, Waterbirth dungeon and Tzhaar city. Added 2 dicing minigames: Flip a coin and 21 (dicing is in no way exploitable). Added Void knight robes and Climbing boots to reward shop. Added more ways to spend donator tokens. Many other bug fixes and tweaks.
  2. BETA update is here! Choose your XP difficulty. Combat prestige. Dungeoneering ALPHA. New donator options. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11072[/ATTACH] Many more bug fixes and improvements. Last chance to get in on this double XP weekend. Play now!
  3. [quote name='falconpunch']Please make use of time stamps. This thread is about a year old.[/QUOTE] Found this on Google, no one had posted a solution until now.
  4. If withdraw-x from bank works, move the trade offer code to above the bank withdraw code in WorldPacketsDecoder.java [CODE] if (player.getInterfaceManager().containsInterface(335) || player.getInterfaceManager().containsInterface(336)) { // Trade offer-x if (value < 0) return; Integer trade_item_X_Slot = (Integer) player .getTemporaryAttributtes().remove("trade_item_X_Slot"); if (trade_item_X_Slot == null) return; if (player.getTemporaryAttributtes().remove("trade_isRemove") != null) player.getTrade().removeItem(trade_item_X_Slot, value); else player.getTrade().addItem(trade_item_X_Slot, value); } else if ((player.getInterfaceManager().containsInterface(762) && player .getInterfaceManager().containsInterface(763)) || player.getInterfaceManager().containsInterface(11)) { // Bank withdraw-x if (value < 0) return; Integer bank_item_X_Slot = (Integer) player .getTemporaryAttributtes().remove("bank_item_X_Slot"); if (bank_item_X_Slot == null) return; player.getBank().setLastX(value); player.getBank().refreshLastX(); if (player.getTemporaryAttributtes().remove("bank_isWithdraw") != null) player.getBank().withdrawItem(bank_item_X_Slot, value); else player.getBank() .depositItem(bank_item_X_Slot, value, player.getInterfaceManager().containsInterface(11) ? false : true); [/CODE]
  5. Update: Mithril dragons added with ancient cavern. Report abuse feature added.
  6. [quote name='jamezz']I hate 718 so sorry :([/QUOTE] You should give it a chance. :)
  7. Update: Double XP weekend now active!
  8. Update: There have been many fixes, improvements and changes this week. Added Vannaka slayer master. Improved slayer assignments. Added agility shortcut to slayer dungeon. Fixed enchanting and alching bugs. Added super heat item spell. All staffs work as infinite runes with all magic. Fixed all jewellery smithing. Added all amulet stringing. Added gem mining. Fixed minor bugs in 3 agility courses. Fixed sawmill interface. Fixed nature altar teleport from jungle. Added wilderness warning to all pvp teleports. Fixed many drop rates, anims and bonuses. Fixed some issues with God Wars dungeon. Added new commands for opening teleport dialogues. And many other small bug fixes and tweaks.
  9. Update: New slayer dungeon added and nearly doubled the amount of possible slayer tasks. Fixed jewelery smithing 100%, amulet crafting and enchanting for all gems working. Added warning to all wilderness teleports. Fixed many of the unbalanced drops and NPCs with no or incorrect drops and many other bugs (see update and bug forums on website for more details).
  10. Admins will be online tonight to answer questions and provide support. Free 7 days donator for anyone who plays and helps us find bugs, test new areas or post on our forums.
  11. Double XP weekend has now ended. Thanks to everyone who participated, our free donator offer is still available for those who help test features and provide feedback.
  12. Updates to the server today include the addition of several agility shortcuts, wilderness obelisks and fairy rings. We need people to play and to help test these new features. We are currently giving free donator status to anyone who plays and helps us to find bugs in the server for a limited time.
  13. Hello again! ShedScape is back. The post has been updated, the server is back online and has more features than ever including a whole new starting area and the ability to change your home location. The website has also been updated with several new features including a brand new fully integrated forum. We're currently looking for people to help test, provide as much feedback as possible and of course - enjoy the game. Thanks.