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  1. >> Join Our Discord! << Hello, and welcome to the project thread of Gielinor. Thanks for taking a look at our thread! Please leave any feedback in the replies and we'll be sure to reply showing our gratitude! Core Design Networking(NIO Reactor) Update Server Plugin System Player Updating NPC Updating Communication Actor Combat Clipping SQL & Replication Regional Music Sounds Main Content Grand Exchange Site & Game Integration Perks & Titles Report System OSRS Content Loyalty & Referral System Skilling Guilds Seasonal & Random Events Discord Bot Ironman Modes Safe Dicing Clue Scrolls Revenants Achievement Diaries Custom Quests Party Room Pets(Skilling & Boss) Skilling & Daily Tasks PK Streaks & Bounties Advanced Transport System Skills Fishing Cooking Woodcutting Firemaking Fletching Mining Smithing Farming Herblore Slayer Runecrafting Agility Thieving Hunter Construction Bosses & Minigames Kalphite Queen Dagannoth Kings King Black Dragon Bork Chaos Elemental Corporeal Beast Barrelchest Zulrah Kraken Callisto Venenatis Cerberus Castle Wars Barrows Duel Arena Pest Control Fight Cave & Fight Pits Warriors Guild & Champions Guild Clan Wars Sorceress's Garden Barbarian Assault Puro Puro Pyramid Plunder Bar Crawl Reverse Gun Game Media Why Play? At Gielinor, we strive to bring you difference. We know that people play RSPS to get away from the monotonous grind that Runescape presents, so naturally we offer reasonably fast skilling rates whilst keeping in check a balanced economy. We pay close attention to detail and each skill has been meticulously coded to be similar to Runescape, but keeping that Gielinor spin on it! We make sure for every skill there are multiple ways to train and get EXP so you don't get bored, and we offer a plethora of bosses, minigames and other fun features to keep you busy and enjoying yourself! Credits Arios team Alunity/Frozen Age team
  2. Harry'

    Avatar size?

    Holy shit was gonna post a thread identical to this today. Thx cart ur my hero :*
  3. Harry'

    Name Change

    Haha what up g, yeah my old one was just beyond human levels of cringe. Funnily enough Cock Cream was my second choice!
  4. Harry'

    Name Change

    Cheers Cart <3 Although I imagine letting someone else choose it would have been much more entertaining
  5. Harry'

    Name Change

    If I can get my username changed I'd be eternally grateful. This one makes me wanna kms I was 13 when I picked it 6 years ago. I'd be happy with Harry or Harry' or Harry186, just not this shite username
  6. Harry'

    Weird Email

    Sure thing, here you go: I imagine you're right it was just weird that they were using your name for the unsubscribe bit.
  7. Harry'

    Weird Email

    Got an email from a server, when I went to unsubscribe it seemed to be using Runelocus's name? Don't know how they got my email so is there any chance it was a Runelocus database leak?
  8. Very excited to be rolling out our new vote system, I'm hoping to have it all in place by Wednesday! You can see exclusive pictures of it on our [URL="https://www.facebook.com/Ardor-668665869934550/timeline/"]Facebook page[/URL]! All the best, Harry
  9. [quote name='Game Master']Well, as I've never used any BitCoins, I wouldn't have a clue on what you can do, or what they cover. All I can recommend is thoroughly reading over their terms of service and other public legal documents they provide.[/QUOTE] The general consensus is that they're unfortunately pretty untraceable and pretty indisputable. Thank you anyway for the suggestion. All the best, Harry
  10. Yo first off wtf is with the title of this thread? Don't know how that happened, if a staff member can rectify this mistake and make it "Scammed by verified Youtuber" that'd be brilliant. Secondly, I paid him through BTC which was a fault of my own however he requested it and I suppose I was just so focused on getting the video that I ignored the warning signs. :/ All the best, Harry
  11. Sup guys I'm just asking for advice really! I was scammed by returnofwilderness, a popular RS/RSPS youtuber. I had a deal for him to do a promo vid for $500 however he took the money, didn't do anything, then acted like he refunded it when he didn't. All the proof is in this album: [url]http://imgur.com/a/ysIlN[/url] Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Obviously I realize I'm unlikely to ever get the money back but I want to make sure others dont fall into the same trap. All the best, Harry
  12. Many thanks for everyones kind words of support! Our dedicated team of developers are constantly trying to raise the standard of RSPS and raise the expectations that players have about RSPS, and we do this by trying to produce unique and well coded content. This week we're going to be bug busting and after that we'll be back to working on content! All the best, Harry