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  2. Julius1

    Requesting help

    Hello, requestin help from someone who is able to add custom item onto my test server, tutorials aint seem to work, so im not able to learn from them. Id be watching you over how you do that over TV. Please if you can help me, contact me. SKYPE: Lixalt.martin
  3. Julius1

    Requesting help

    Thanks, i finally understanded what i did wrong. had wrong code. //Solved
  4. Could somebody help me with fixing it free? Ive tried every way and i still cant get that working, ive tried the "autocachedownload" tutorials, but nothing seems to work. PLEASE :/ Skype : lixalt.martin [IMG]http://gyazo.com/b391e45eb8d10d93918b8bfb83f8196b[/IMG]
  5. /Solved/Lock.
  6. That system is so full of bugs, Try cleaning your browser cookies and go again.
  7. Could you help me fix this over Teamview or something? Please?
  8. [url]http://i.imgur.com/L4Lsa8W.png[/url]
  9. To glitchy, while beign an admin/mod, you are unable to make yourself a donator, you are unable to use commands. Basicly it sucks.
  10. I really do appreciate the owner of Saros for this awesome server:). Thanks for showing that people still can make RSPS gameplay fun and enjoyable. 0 Regrets given so far ive played. AWESOME!
  11. Julius1

    I can't vote

    Maybe some1 had same ip with you and voted with it?