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  1. btw you need to run the GAMEMATRIX to
  2. any change to have the client files or client files that works on this source?
  3. can someone zend me the dl link for this source i know it has been released but it has been deleted or skype me : facebook:mark.aalders
  4. got all pets working on 876 ( drake shadows , skill pets, fire drake , ) pm me on skype : facebook:mark.aalders
  5. noting is rong on the client i got it to :S got 0 errors or problems
  6. why puting stuff from rune-server ( the say dont release my work on a other website) (so its rulebreaking) say if i am rong
  7. hey guys stewie123 i am new to this forums and whant it to ask if there delta coders here i am working on a delta custom server called ritzscape and i need some help coding it before i will make it online if someone whant to help me and become my co owner /coder pm me than on skype at facebook:mark.aalders pic of my souce video of the source /// not this but its the same source/coding
  8. thx man this hurry ups my project working on ritzscape source atm
  9. stewie123


    its not working for us man no 718 client wil work can you help us out?