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  1. Hi, Lions Point is a PvP server with a twist. I'll do my best to explain everything. When you start, you spawn at the home area. It's a safe area where you can buy low level supplies trade other players and so on. There is a portal which takes you to the real part of the server. Once you enter the portal, you teleport to a random place in runescape. These areas are small to medium sized where you can run around and loot items and fight other players. Now when you are done looting and running around there are different portals in every spot so you can teleport away to another random spot OR teleport back home (You can only teleport home by finding a home portal which are not in every spot). When i say looting, I mean there are chests and other things that contain items. That's just the basic explanation of the server, there are other features to the game to make it more fun and playable. I noticed that this forum got really inactive lately but this is the only rsps community I like & use so yeah I hope you guys like the idea! Also, I desperately would like someone to help me code the server! Let me know!
  2. Hello guys! My character customization interface screen is cut off, how would I make it fit the screen and not get cut off? The accept button is not showing Here is what it looks like : https://gyazo.com/0db619b884b162db179924dced3ca058
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    I'm not familiar with IPB but shouldn't there be an area in the admin panel allowing you to change the username style? Put <img src="Link to image here" /> in front of the username
  4. I will try these things later on when I have the time. Thank you. I'll edit this post if what you said doesn't have any results.
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    Client Problems

    Hi fellas, I'm setting up my server with a few friends, I jarred the client and they're all playing perfectly except for one person. His client gets stuck at 1%. I tried moving the cache to his cdrive, and even tried removing other caches. The IPs are set correctly as other people are able to open the client without any problems. His java is fully updated. I'm stumped and it's really bothering me, if anyone can give me a solution it would be very nice
  6. Using this for one of my projects.
  7. Hi I need a hand in developing this project (Skype: cycnyg) please take the time reading through my thread before contacting me This is the very very first draft of my project, you will not find pictures or videos in here. It's being posted, to give me motivation to make my ideas come to life :cool:. Everyday, I will be adding more information, ideas and other goods. [COLOR="#FF0000"]22/06/2015[/COLOR] Story - You are a soldier in the Lions army. (From Earth), You were assigned to fly a space craft to an unknown planet (The wildy) to see if there is life on other planets. You landed exactly where they assigned you to land (The Lions Point) with other soldiers (NPC'S) You are now free to explore this planet OR go back to earth. *Wildy is not a pvp area* Shops - The NPC'S that came with you on the space craft are located at home, they sell basic stuff and teleport you places. There are other shops on this planet ([B]may[/B] make a new currency for them) and they sell good armour etc. I [B]may[/B] put custom items in some shops. EX: instead of bronze, iron, steel,,, custom armour & weapons on the unknown planet would be called Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn etc* *You cannot pass the wildy line* An NPC at home can teleport you back to earth. Events - I am in love with the idea of daily events. People can't get bored with new events every week. I will be making events that gives away event items that are considered rares or just simply coins. Skilling - There will tons of skilling locations in both planets (both areas). I don't think I'll be putting dungeoneering in this server.
  8. [quote name='Thee Lion']Awesome contribution! Great release. I'm using, thanks! :)[/QUOTE] Can you not fucking quote the entire god damn thread? Thanks. Awesome release OP, imma dick around with it.
  9. Rofl, so many bugs. If you want to work your butt off download this. [COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR] Rofl, so many bugs. If you want to work your butt off download this.
  10. For me, all I need is a friend to help me, you don't really need to have experience. Overall, I'm working on a project that is not for evaluation, it's for learning. If you are interested my skype is cycnyg. Good luck on your search!
  11. [quote name='bobismyname']Looking for a developer[/QUOTE] I'm interested. Skype me @cycnyg
  12. [quote name='Ziek`']I've had one panic attack ever and it happened right after a bong rip. Not fun. Not fun at all. Dehydration is an easy fix, though.[/QUOTE] Yeah it's not fun at all. I'm actually glad I had a bad experience with weed. I am able to control my anxiety now and I ALWAYS drink a shit ton of water everyday.
  13. [quote name='Ziek`']Uhm... Do explain.[/QUOTE] Panic Attacks, Anxiety and dehydration.