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  1. Slik

    GEEZ whats goin on

  2. Omg you're alive... I literally didn't think I'd ever hear from you again lol. We had a funeral and everything, Trey cried obviously.. the coffin was a bit much but we just wanted to show that we cared is all.

  3. feb 30th on the mc donalds on the moon c u der.

  4. suc my toe

  5. uok beb ily

  6. I'll get around to replying to your posts, I've just been busy. They have not gone unnoticed ;).

  7. Want to talk business, you got skype?

  8. Slik

    Doing decent mate. What work you doing? Still at your granddad's?

  9. Slik

    Ello Princess hows it hanging bbydoll

  10. Slik

    Love ya too xx

  11. Thanks Jules.

  12. lols so that thread died @ 69 pages. IRONIC MUCH!?

  13. Green winter.. I like that.

  14. Slik

    Mate. Someone deleted my ultra special holiday wishes to you. Just so you know nuff love no homo.

  15. I have a bet going that you're dead. Prove me wrong.

  16. Hey man. Had a pretty good yield so I took a few ounces for personal smoke over the holidays. I also didn't get convicted of tax evasion so that is a plus. I got an ounce for NYE and I've pretty much gone through the rest, so all in all... pretty good holiday season :D. In my defence my fiancée matched me spliff for spliff till she went shopping. I can't knit :( :( but I can super glue his hair to my body so I can live as manly as he once was. I think I'll put them all on my knees as a sign to show how alpha I am, since I have so much hair on my knees it must mean that I have never knelt to nobody! Wbu? How was the holidays? Got anything planned for NYE?

  17. Slik

    I was just saying where dafaq is Aff he usually makes a show after like 3 years. Bam you turn up. Shit is like magic yo.

  18. That suggestion can be linked to what we talked about earlier. What do you think?

  19. Slik

    Get bungalow Bob to cover your shift that craft cunt.

  20. Slik

    Meh you'll get pay and half or double pay so not bad. NYE should be decent.

  21. Slik

    loooool no seriously why?

  22. Dr, Dr, I have a spanner stuck in my anus what do I do? I keed it isn't the boxing day hangover yet. Have you heard from Samuraiblood2? I think he might have died. Just so you know I called shotgun for his pubic hair.

  23. Slik

    Fuck off! How did you get lumbered with xmas and new years??

  24. Slik

    Alright lad. Whats the plans for xmas and the new years?

  25. If y'all want some ideas hit me up, got something for ya.