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  1. i cant get the client to connect to the server? any help?
  2. yes bud, i did read it its hard to say though, lol i have to have the whole model in order to remodel the whip...
  4. Hey all its displaying is the traingles not showing the model.
  5. Thanks for the reply but the link on that page is broken.
  6. Been working on some customs but i got to have the character model to down scale them... anyone mind on sharing? You can pm me also if you dont want anyknow knowing. Thanks!
  7. Give me an example of what you would put in? [QUOTE]c.sendMessage("My Message Here. c.getPA().closeAllWindows(); c.getPA().addSkillXP(14910000, 0); c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(3193, c.absX, c.absY, c.heightLevel, 10); } else { c.sendMessage("My Message Here. }; [/QUOTE] Im not asking you to spoon feed me but that you just gave me is not working.
  8. Okay this is crazy but when adding skill xp into clickingbuttons.java im trying to make when you do click this you get however much xp here is the codes I have tried : [QUOTE] c.playerXP c.getPA().addSkillXP [/QUOTE] Someone wanna help me out would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey I have a question say I wanted to add objects how would I add them into the object manager on this server, it doesn't have a place for it help please?
  10. Anyone know how to make the cache load in the client don't seem to be loading :/
  11. anyway someone can email [email][email protected][/email] [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] anyway someone can email [email protected]
  12. now this error through google chrome [code] Software error: Can't exec: Column 'ip' cannot be null at Modules/DataBase.pm line 55. For help, please send mail to this site's webmaster, giving this error message and the time and date of the error. [/code]