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  1. Just wondering if it's me or the server, anyone know?
  2. I'm interested if still available Skype: dhgproventhatslame
  3. [quote name='Unfaithful']I doubt it's stuck, usually when that happens it will resume loading after a little while, just leave it minimized maybe? Sorry I haven't really played 317's in a while now so I'm not too certain on that one mate.[/QUOTE] I tried letting it wait, I set my screensaver for 2 hours then went out for a bit came back and it was still at unpacking models 80%.. dunno, probably going to find a new server, if you know any good ones.
  4. Yes and maybe. Would you happen to know why on one of my computers I get stuck on "Unpacking models..- 80%"?
  5. I've tried all the clients/webclients this particular server provides and it still doesn't work. I get in and when I go to log on I get "Error connecting to server" any help/solution/suggestion is appreciated.
  6. I have relatively the same problem, only mine is stuck on "Unpacking Models.. - 80%" And I've let it sit for a couple hours to no avail.