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  1. I sent a PM but idk if it went ------ Sure I'll help, I'm rusty though, I'm taking a class in web development so my programming knowledge is coming back surely, but slowly Edit: quickest way to contact me is via skype: division.x1

  2. I noticed, I see you login on rs and then log off <_

  3. I think division.x1

  4. I fell for your sig..

  5. Yeah man lol. I've been busy, never really had free time. What's up?

  6. I want to use :: for admins also. I think it was your server that did . for commands?

  7. Do you know how to fix the command console problem for 562 rs2hd? Instead of admins having to use command console they use :: like regular players?

  8. You're late. Why are you never on your own website?

  9. That bitch ass nigger Terry gave me a warning for leaving 3 messages on your profile and disabled my posting. And I still can't shout in shoutbox >:i

  10. I said abusing. Not what you said.