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  1. I sent a PM but idk if it went ------ Sure I'll help, I'm rusty though, I'm taking a class in web development so my programming knowledge is coming back surely, but slowly Edit: quickest way to contact me is via skype: division.x1

  2. I get on occasionally to either take donations or help some friends out otherthan that I don't login to rs :x

  3. I noticed, I see you login on rs and then log off <_

  4. i died and came back np

  5. [video=youtube;vaeA43-U5kM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaeA43-U5kM[/video]
  6. Divine-X

    Ghosts vs BF4

    [quote name='bigboysss']ghosts ftw[/QUOTE] Battlefield 4.
  7. [url]http://kotaku.com/hackers-claim-takedown-of-battle-net-league-of-legends-1491906080?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow[/url] Omg wow, such smart, much DDOS
  8. Divine-X


    [quote name='SSion']What is the best language to learn first? I heard its python.[/QUOTE] When I started I learned HTML(not considered a real language) and then I went to Java. I would say Java is the 1st language you should learn since a lot of companies and machines use Java. But then they also use C <.<.
  9. [quote name='Trey']You're abusing/misunderstanding the point of the static keyword. When a variable is static, it is the same value for all instances of that class, rather than each instance having its own separate value such as for non-static variables. This mean every instance of Player will have the same hp, which is almost assuredly not intended. You say that you make it static so that you can change it, and I don't understand why this is. You have setters/getters for all your other instance variables, so why is hp any different? Are you using serialization (Serializable interface, read/writeObject)? The fact that it is static is also probably why it isn't saved in the XML. It doesn't make sense to save static variables, so they aren't.[/QUOTE] If I have the regular getter/setter setup and I do some calculations for the damage done to the player, and I try to save the game, the player file will stay at[code]<hp>100</hp>[/code] when in the game itself the player is at for example 70hp.
  10. [quote name='Emily']Why is 'hp' static? You're using setters, so I'm assuming you have getters as well. This line: [IMG]return Integer.parseInt(element.get(name));[/IMG] parseInt is meant for strings only, which the value could be an object in this case. Should be: [CODE] return Integer.parseInt(element.get(name).toString()); [/CODE] Only thing I can see on a quick glance.[/QUOTE] If I didn't make it static I wouldn't be able to change the players HP, it'll only change the classes HP value temporarily.
  11. [quote name='zizema660']hey so I want to start hosting my 317 [pi] but for some reason people cant load the cache from my website so whatever if I buy a vps will it help with that problem if I purchase a vps what files do you think I will have to change and how do I change them? thanks for looking guys[/QUOTE] VPS: Virtual Private Server, it's a virtual machine(computer) that is sold by an Internet Hosting Service. A VPS runs it's own copy of an operating system. It's basically a virtual computer that never turns off(unless the company is doing something). They probably can't load the cache because it's probably not being downloaded properly. I don't know, I'm not a 317 person. And buying a vps will not help the problem. People buy VPSs to host their server so people can enjoy it at anytime of the day.