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  1. hello im horror i bring a lil bit of coding and experience i hosted mulitple servers so i seen the ups and downs for wat not to do and wat to do.i been admin mod Co-owner hidden and etc
  2. looking for some one who can help me get ppl and help out wth the server pm me if u want to help me
  3. i need help with the following error .[URL="http://gyazo.com/48a8980cb25f5b6cdfad3b3e762732fc"]http://gyazo.com/48a8980cb25f5b6cdfad3b3e762732fc[/URL]
  4. need help with my client
  5. im stilling looking for someone to help me jarr a client idk why it wont work but i need help
  6. hello im looking for some one who can jar client for me cuz it seem dat im failing at it atm and i cant seem to get it to work, so if anyone can help me do it ,it would be great thanks. =D
  7. dude what the point of even commenting on the post if u not even going to post something positive im asking for some help im willing to learn i currently have a source i was working on with a friend but due to some training i had to do i did not get the chance to do alot so all im asking is for some some help im not asing for you to do all the work im looking for help with stuff i cant figure out.
  8. if you want to start a server with pm me your Skype so we can talk .im looking for some one who can code.i can and etc im just trying to get back into the rsps community again since i been gone. hopefully someone willing to help me out. i will be so grateful for any help.
  9. im using ErazedPkz cache it loads but do not finish plz help
  10. some help me jar a client i have no clue wat wrong plz help ty
  11. currently im working on a server and im looking for help to improve it . pm me your skype or if u want mine