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  1. your right and ur wrong he probally jarred it right but his ip and port are fucked up or offline so thats why he is getting the white screen
  2. ok but how do i run the file itself? i am at the point to where im willing to pay for the answers
  3. [quote name='liwaaa']Bump I really need help with this, I tried everything.[/QUOTE] im sure ik ur problem as i had the same one add me on skype and ill help u out skype: "Near Here 0v0" <---- those are zeros
  4. [quote name='apexus']no its confusing af[/QUOTE] i can help with this its easy and ull see how easy it is after i do it add me on skype skype: "Near Here 0v0" <---- thoses are zeros
  5. so heres the deal i have alot of .java and .class files for alot of tools and utilities but the problem is i dont know how to run them or make them into a runnable file please help thanks
  6. well i cant help u make urself owner but i know how to make urself admin open up commands.java in ur source and search for "admin" then find a username and replace it with ur username and then compile and use the command ingame to make urself admin (command = ::admin) Note: im not sure if it would work but if on the admin command u copy and paste the whole admin command and change the word "admin" to "owner" and then change the character rights to whatever the owner rights are might make u owner the command would be (command = ::owner)