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  1. when i went to my webclients on rsweb it was online and everything was fine. It was green and then all of a sudden it turned red for no reason but my server is actually online!! help!!
  2. Go to your commands and just delete the command.
  3. baird

    a pker npc!

    Are you releasing it??? That would be sick. No h8 pl0x
  4. [quote name='Yaymyshow']Why would anyone want to do 1000$ a year when you can easily just get a job for 500$/week on average pay...?[/QUOTE] 😠 This wouldn't be a full time job. People these days don't want to stop and think.
  5. [quote name='baird']Yes I know that I just don't know how to edit the files.[/QUOTE] This is a help forum It's ment for people to help each other out. If you have a problem then don't reply.
  6. Okay so I have been looking for it for about an hour now and no luck. I do not wish to disable dropping items. Does anyone know how to fix this dupe?
  7. This is amazing thanks!!!
  8. Yes I know that I just don't know how to edit the files.
  9. The title says all. I want to change what they drop and the percentage at which the item(s) are dropped. Thanks!!