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  1. gg bro. thanks for this! ;D
  2. Hello, so recently i got myself a 718 rsps, started playing it no problem, my problem now is making myself admin/owner. I read through some other tuts but couldnt seem to figure it out. If someone could please help me that would be much appreiciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. Links are broken for me... please fix? :(
  4. Onex, add me on skype: bordiedude then we can talk.
  5. sick, thanks for this m8
  6. can someone give me a 718 cache? give me a download link? i cannot seem to be able to find one...
  7. Looks like a great server! Ill check it out!:gg:
  8. hmmm, odd... doesnt happen to me. :confused:
  9. Launcher.java- [CODE]ItemsEquipIds.init();[/CODE] ItemsEquipIds- [CODE]for (int itemId = 0; itemId < Utils.getItemDefinitionsSize(); itemId++) {[/CODE] Utils.java- [CODE]int lastArchiveId = Cache.STORE.getIndexes()[19].getLastArchiveId();[/CODE]
  10. No, it didnt work. Came up with this error in CMD. [ATTACH=CONFIG]10201[/ATTACH]
  11. I got the Source and Client, just when i try to start the source/Server it comes up with an error.. I looked at the Server .bat file in notepad here is what the code is.. [CODE]@echo off title Running Citellum RSPS java -Xms512m -Xmx512m -cp bin;data/libs/* com.rs.Launcher false false true pause[/CODE] Can someone please help me! Thanks in advance! :gg: