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    Need Code Partner

    Hi Guys, Im Wanting To Code A Server, I Know How To Code Shops, Add Items In Game,I Want Who Ever Is Gonna Be My Partner, Fix Npc Drops,lags,bugs. If You Are Intrested Add me on skype andrey.drey14 or pm me on here and we will talk!
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    Coder Needed

    Hello I Am Looking For A Coder, We Can Settle The Price But Im NOT Paying Up Front, If You Want To Talk Add Me on Skype @ andrey.drey14 Thank you.
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    Need Coder

    Hello EveryBody, I AM Looking To Make A New RSPS Server. I Need Sombody To Help Me Make A Server And I Need A Coder. I Can Not Promise You $$ But WE Can Talk,I Can Give You Co Owner And Give You 50% Donation $, If Somebody Donates $30, I Will Give You $15, WE Will Figure That Out, If You Are Willing To Take My Offer Reply Or Add Me On Skype, Skype (andrey.drey14) Need 508 server))
  4. Ill take it man!
  5. Yes, can u please help me? if u got skype we can do screen share and u can see?
  6. can anybody please help me? i used the Starter Pack to make my server, now i load up the client put my info in and it says "Error Connecting to Server" any help please? ty
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    Need Help PLease

    hey can u please team view me and see the problem please?
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    Need Help PLease

    hey do u mind team view me please? and check the problem out?
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    Need Help PLease

    hey guys im just starting to make a rsps for the first time, im new too ALL THIS I downloaded everything and i run.bat and it says could not find or load main GUI, can anybody help me please, ty