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  1. Dying of AIDs, how about yours?
  2. Hi cunts, how you doing? :') P.S. I'll probably be banned or warned again soon. Oh well
  3. 07erza


    I can't upgrade until another year and a half. I think that law may be changing so you have to be 21 for anything over 125cc, not sure though. I would drive a car, but due to my age (which is 17), and considering I'm in the UK, insurance for under 21's is expensive over here. The last time I tried getting a quote, the results were £3,000+ per year.
  4. 07erza


    110cc motorbike, Draxxus.
  5. 07erza

    2012 Olympics

    I didn't watch a lot. I watched the Opening Ceremony in 3D, that's about it. We did fairly well to be honest (Great Britain). Don't China and America always finish in first or second anyway? :'). The next one's hosted in Brazil, Rio, right?
  6. 07erza


    I'm British, BMW. Over here, we get flashed by a speed camera twice if caught speeding (usually if you're doing 10% over the limit). The consequences depend on your speed. Because I was doing 59mph (could be 54, by the time I hit the brakes before I reached the camera, split second), I will more than likely get a Fixed Penalty Notice (£60.00 fine, might be halved if paid within 14 days), and 3 points on my license, thus having an insurance increase, which already costs £60 a month / £720.00 a year. If I was doing 60mph+ (can only reach 62mph anyway), I'd probably have to attend court. The consequences for that would be up to the courts discretion.
  7. 07erza


    Yeah Draxxus, flashed twice. high105, you have to pay twice the fine and possibly sent to court if you don't pay it.
  8. 07erza


    Right, so I hope this is in the correct section. Anyway, I got caught speeding today on a speed camera. I was doing 59mph in a 40 zone, got flashed. Does anyone know how long it takes for the speeding ticket to be sent through the mail? I'll have the money to pay the fine, just not sure how long until it gets sent through.
  9. 07erza

    What Do You Ride?

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]5967[/ATTACH] Honda Vision 110, can do 63mph (100km/h). Doesn't bother me as long as I can get places, does about 125 miles to a full tank (about £7.)
  10. been watching too much japanese porn? loljk, if that was me (mine's broke too) i'd buy a new screen and repair it yourself. cheaper, plus there's no point buying a new one if its under a year old. fuck its a mac, definitely repair screen yourself.
  11. [QUOTE=Dash';596667]In other words RuneLocus needs retarded people.[/QUOTE] like yourself you sad fuck.