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  1. Dying of AIDs, how about yours?
  2. Hi cunts, how you doing? :') P.S. I'll probably be banned or warned again soon. Oh well
  3. 07erza


    I can't upgrade until another year and a half. I think that law may be changing so you have to be 21 for anything over 125cc, not sure though. I would drive a car, but due to my age (which is 17), and considering I'm in the UK, insurance for under 21's is expensive over here. The last time I tried getting a quote, the results were £3,000+ per year.
  4. 07erza


    110cc motorbike, Draxxus.
  5. Hi Mrs. Ashley Coont.

  6. You're not the only one who's bored. :(

  7. Ye only come back on here in the past week whilst the gf is on holiday, bored out my fucking tree.

  8. Good, you? :')

  9. If it isn't Ashley Hines, I'm good mate, how are you?

  10. Oh look, it's Matty. How you doing? :').

  11. 07erza

    2012 Olympics

    I didn't watch a lot. I watched the Opening Ceremony in 3D, that's about it. We did fairly well to be honest (Great Britain). Don't China and America always finish in first or second anyway? :'). The next one's hosted in Brazil, Rio, right?
  12. Hey bitch. ;)