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  1. [quote name='darkchaos']watch ur jdk most likely isn't ur jdk updated in ur compiler. if u dont know where to find ur jdk than i can explain for windows 7. go to "computer/ C; / users/ program files/ java" than u see like "jdk1.7.0_51" (at least this is the jdk version i have this can be something else than u have" now to fix ur problem i see 2 common things that make's this error. first time for the compiler. most time's the compiler will say like this, [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off Title Compiler "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\bin\javac.exe" -d ./bin ./src/*.java ./src/sign/*.java pause " but most likely ur jdk version installed on ur computer is differn't just chance that shall fix the error. There is passble is doesn't says "jdk" but says "jre" than look up ur jre version mine is "7" so for me it shall looked like this, " [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off Title Compiler "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javac.exe" -d ./bin ./src/*.java ./src/sign/*.java pause " but for u it can be "6" if u diddn't updated ur jre version. Also watch in ur firewall that u allowed jdk(java) else u can have evrything right in ur compiler but that wont ever work whitout chancing settings in ur firewall. for that fellow the next steps. 1. go to ur computer. 2. go to system properties. 3. go to advanced system settings 4. than go to environment variable. 5. than u get a little screen that will say on top "environment variable" and little under it shall say something like "user variable for (user)" than u see the fellowing options. "new/edit/deleate" 6. press new, than it has 2 text bar's something about a name, put there "classpath" the other 1 left there u put "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk ur jdk\bin;%CLASSPATH%; " where i putted there "ur jdk" there u need to put something like "jdk1.7.0_51" if u have atleast that version. than press okay. 7. do the same again, make a other new one but this time u dont put into the top text bar "classpath" but now u do "path" the other text bar is the same whit ur jdk version into in. i hope i helped out whit this. Edit: btw. if this helped ur out or not please reply so i know if it helped :D if not please tell more or post a picture from ur compiler that shows the error and a picture of ur compiler when u do "edit"[/QUOTE] very detailed, thanks you. but im on windows 8 and ill try what u said
  2. yamitheninja

    Need Help PLease

    its a pi base I believe, and im on windows 8, still new to this coding :P
  3. im trying too get my compiler to work and it wont. when I go to compile it says : unrecognized option: -d error: could not create the java virtual machine. error: a fatal exception has occurred. program will exit. press any key to continue. . . any ideas on what it is?
  4. server looks awesome. tried testing but it says file cant be found any idea why?
  5. noob question ftw!!!! ok so i finally found a server i liked and wanna start learning too code, but the server when i try to run it says "the system cannot find the path" help and the client wont turn on either PLEASE HELP
  6. okay so im gonna try to learn to code and need a good easy source and client to learn on, i been trying to download some [pI] sources but all the links wont work or been deleted, i would like a [PI] source and client. im a noob to this i know so call me whatever yall want, any help would be awesome :)