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  1. hey guys the website and forums are down and will be down till at least tomorrow.. we are changing webhosts
  2. Updates - Unholy curse-bearer is now Multi zoned - yell colors have been update with the color of the news ect, dew to could not understand - add server announcement of rare drops - add dicing - add buy and sell X at shops (Please keep in mind that is dose take abit to do) Max is 5K Regards Pyroteddie, Vibrant
  3. -Added Soulkeepers' Blade special attack -Added new elite slayer npc's and tasks into slayer cave with new drops for each npc -Fixed Korasi's sword so special attack is usable and uses the correct amount of special -Donator scrolls are 100% working and usable, costs 15 donator scrolls to obtain permanent donator rights -Now have a greater chance of getting exp lamps -Added drops to ALL revs in the rev dungeon -Added flawless auto voting system, type ::vote ingame to vote and ::check to claim your reward
  4. Update -fixed trade -added more elite slayer npcs
  5. Updates quoted from the forums page .. posted by vibrant, the other owner of the dark realm [QUOTE]As you know pyro and I have been working as hard as we can to ensure that our players have the best playing experience. So I am proud to announce that as of 2/10/14 GMT+10 we will be releasing the following updates & fixes. [SIZE=5][color=#FF0000]SERVER UPDATES[/color][/SIZE] -Elite slayer task system w/ new npc's & great rewards. -Added revenant dungeon with PVP armour as [u][b]medium rare[/b][/u] drops -Added frost dragon dungeon with perfect location (type ::frosts in game to find them) -Added strykewyrms with appropriate locations (type ::ice, ::desert, ::jungle to find them) -Added slayer dungeon with new slayer npcs and drops -Added 'SoulKeepers' Blade' -Added Completionists Cape -Added Kiln' cape [SIZE=5][color=#FF0000]GLITCH AND BUG FIXES[/color][/SIZE] -Replaced highscore board in game to more appropriate and accessible location -Fixed invisible armour and cape glitch -Fixed glitchy animations for some slayer npc's Hope you enjoy the updates, please leave feedback in comments or via PM. Thanks! [color=#FF0000]Vibrant,[/color] [color=#32CD32]Pyroteddie,[/color][/QUOTE]
  6. updates added custom sword added elite slayer tasks
  7. server is back online sorry for any inconveniences
  8. [CENTER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/p3hfJ7a.gif[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=7]The Dark Realm[/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE=5] [URL="http://www.thedarkrealm317data.com/store.html"]Store [/URL][/SIZE][SIZE=5]||[/SIZE][SIZE=5] [URL="http://www.thedarkrealm317data.com/webclient.html"] Website [/URL][/SIZE][SIZE=5]||[/SIZE][SIZE=5] [URL="http://www.thedarkrealm317data.com/forums/index.php "] Forums[/URL][/SIZE] Come start your greatest adventure into The Dark Realm where you'll have consistent updates that satisfies your blood lust, Peaks your interests and leave you wanting more! [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]what our server has to offer but not limited to[/COLOR][/SIZE] -elite slayer tasks -bossing -23 working skills with summoning working 100% - mini-games - dungeons - server starter guide - server teleporter npc - in-game high score board - friendly and committed staff - We listen to our players with their suggestions So i'll see you in their [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WoSEl8T.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/FodRiKf.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WENFZt3.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/7QNZkUv.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MA9Pqfq.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/rds8kCK.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/dNYcF5I.png[/IMG] [/CENTER]
  9. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']explain what you mean by donator ban.. no-one can help when they dont understand what your trying to do[/QUOTE] i updated the post .. dose this make sense now??
  10. Okay guys i am tryin to make an item be redeemable for a length of time for donor rights ... so i thought i would be able to use this code to some how work out a way to convert this into the code i need ... so in a way this code is relevant. i am asking if someone help me convert this code into a item click .. and not to ban a player or donor but give them a length of donor time [CODE] if (playerCommand.startsWith("ban")) { if(playerCommand.charAt(3) != ' ') return; try { String args[] = playerCommand.split(" "); if(args.length < 3) { c.sendMessage("Please do ::ban timefield timetomute playername"); c.sendMessage("Valid timefields are: second, minute, hour, day, month, year"); return; } String timeField = args[1]; int timeToBan = Integer.parseInt(args[2]); String playerToBan = playerCommand.substring((playerCommand.indexOf(args[2])+args[2].length())+1, playerCommand.length()); for (Player p : PlayerHandler.players) { if (p != null && p.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase(playerToBan)) { Client c2 = (Client) p; Connection.addNameToBanList(c2.playerName); Calendar banCal = Calendar.getInstance(); DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss"); c.getPA().addTimeToDate(banCal, timeField, timeToBan); c2.endBan = dateFormat.format(banCal.getTime()); c2.disconnected = true; return; } } } catch (Exception e) { c.sendMessage("Please do ::ban timefield timetomute playername"); c.sendMessage("Valid timefields are: second, minute, hour, day, month, year"); } } [/CODE] EDIT: dose this make sense now ??
  11. someone please help idk want to do i have had a look at a heap of tuts and snipets but i cant figure it out i no i am getting a permissons error but idk how to allow my ip onto the mysql .. i am using 000webhost for the files n their mysql12 .. this is my sql.java[CODE] package server.util; import java.sql.*; import java.security.MessageDigest; import server.model.players.Client; public class SQL { public static Connection con = null; public static Statement stmt; public static boolean connectionMade; public static void createConnection() { try { String Mysql = "jdbc:mysql://mysql12.000webhost.com:3306/a2689677_high"; Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); con = DriverManager.getConnection(Mysql,"a2689677_*******","*********"); stmt = con.createStatement(); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public static ResultSet query(String s) throws SQLException { try { if (s.toLowerCase().startsWith("select")) { ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(s); return rs; } else { stmt.executeUpdate(s); } return null; } catch (Exception e) { destroyConnection(); createConnection(); e.printStackTrace(); } return null; } public static void destroyConnection() { try { stmt.close(); con.close(); connectionMade = false; } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public static boolean saveHighScore(Client clientToSave) { try { query("DELETE FROM `skills` WHERE playerName = '"+clientToSave.playerName+"';"); query("DELETE FROM `skillsoverall` WHERE playerName = '"+clientToSave.playerName+"';"); query("INSERT INTO `skills` (`playerName`,`Attacklvl`,`Attackxp`,`Defencelvl`,`Defencexp`,`Strengthlvl`,`Strengthxp`,`Hitpointslvl`,`Hitpointsxp`,`Rangelvl`,`Rangexp`,`Prayerlvl`,`Prayerxp`,`Magiclvl`,`Magicxp`,`Cookinglvl`,`Cookingxp`,`Woodcuttinglvl`,`Woodcuttingxp`,`Fletchinglvl`,`Fletchingxp`,`Fishinglvl`,`Fishingxp`,`Firemakinglvl`,`Firemakingxp`,`Craftinglvl`,`Craftingxp`,`Smithinglvl`,`Smithingxp`,`Mininglvl`,`Miningxp`,`Herblorelvl`,`Herblorexp`,`Agilitylvl`,`Agilityxp`,`Thievinglvl`,`Thievingxp`,`Slayerlvl`,`Slayerxp`,`Farminglvl`,`Farmingxp`,`Runecraftlvl`,`Runecraftxp`) VALUES ('"+clientToSave.playerName+"',"+clientToSave.playerLevel[0]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[0]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[1]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[1]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[2]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[2]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[3]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[3]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[4]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[4]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[5]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[5]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[6]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[6]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[7]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[7]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[8]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[8]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[9]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[9]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[10]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[10]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[11]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[11]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[12]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[12]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[13]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[13]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[14]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[14]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[15]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[15]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[16]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[16]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[17]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[17]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[18]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[18]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[19]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[19]+","+clientToSave.playerLevel[20]+","+clientToSave.playerXP[20]+");"); query("INSERT INTO `skillsoverall` (`playerName`,`lvl`,`xp`) VALUES ('"+clientToSave.playerName+"',"+(clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[0]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[1]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[2]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[3]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[4]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[5]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[6]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[7]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[8]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[9]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[10]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[11]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[12]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[13]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[14]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[15]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[16]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[17]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[18]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[19]) + clientToSave.getLevelForXP(clientToSave.playerXP[20]))+","+((clientToSave.playerXP[0]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[1]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[2]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[3]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[4]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[5]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[6]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[7]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[8]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[9]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[10]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[11]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[12]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[13]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[14]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[15]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[16]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[17]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[18]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[19]) + (clientToSave.playerXP[20]))+");"); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); return false; } return true; } } [/CODE]
  12. pyroteddie


    okay so i worked it out but my cache download.java isnt unzipping everythink
  13. pyroteddie


    nobody can help with this??
  14. pyroteddie


    hey guys im having some trouble trying to get my webclient working .. it is getting stuck at starting up .. n ive found some tuts on the internet n have followed correctly but it still wont work .. i am host my cache on myhost .. in files .. any help would be much appreciated . coz it is really doing my head in
  15. dose anybody know how to fix this??? Java Plug-in Using JRE version 1.8.0_05-b13 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM User home directory = C:\Users\pyroteddie96 ---------------------------------------------------- c: clear console window f: finalize objects on finalization queue g: garbage collect h: display this help message l: dump classloader list m: print memory usage o: trigger logging q: hide console r: reload policy configuration s: dump system and deployment properties t: dump thread list v: dump thread stack x: clear classloader cache 0-5: set trace level to <n> ---------------------------------------------------- java.lang.NullPointerException at sun.awt.SunToolkit.getSystemEventQueueImplPP(Unknown Source) at sun.awt.SunToolkit.getSystemEventQueueImplPP(Unknown Source) at sun.awt.SunToolkit.getSystemEventQueueImpl(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Toolkit.getEventQueue(Unknown Source) at java.awt.EventQueue.invokeLater(Unknown Source) at sun.awt.windows.WToolkit.windowsSettingChange(Unknown Source) at sun.awt.windows.WToolkit.eventLoop(Native Method) at sun.awt.windows.WToolkit.run(Unknown Source) Missing Application-Name manifest attribute for: [url]http://thedarkrealm317.com/Webclient/webtest.jar[/url]