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  1. Ramsin


    Decided to login and see whats up today haha. 👋
  2. Checking up on Runelocus been a long time. A great forum and community as always :)
  3. Ramsin

    Need code HElp

    Post a picture, or the error you are getting. This way somebody will be able to help you.
  4. I got the Nexus 4 when the price dropped by a $100. Nexus 5 right now I believe is the best phone with it's price out there now.
  5. Ramsin


    [quote name='Christopher`']I was dropping upwards $200 a week going to the hookah bar. T'is the reason why I bought my own.[/QUOTE] How much are each hookahs are your local hookah bars? I spent least $10 a week. I only go once or twice a week cut it down since school started.
  6. Ramsin


    I think Cart is right you will need a Facebook account. It's for verification. Thanks for the voting and for trying Cart.
  7. Ramsin


    Can you do me a big favor? My best friend ,Cam, and his 2 partners are up in a contest trying to open up with a DJ set for 2 big EDM artists on Nov 23. Can you take 20 seconds and "vote for this mix"? here: [URL="https://wavo.me/apps/charts/figure-crizzly-chicago/8986838390410000"]https://wavo.me/apps/charts/figure-crizzly-chicago/8986838390410000[/URL] I want to help them out so they can make something out of music. Your vote counts,takes 20 seconds,just follow the instructions! Thanks a lot lolking [IMG]https://wavo.me/users/51cba12c12746ae26a00026f/avatar/large[/IMG]
  8. I was at Project-X, I don't know if you saw me in the movie or not, craziest party I've been too though.
  9. Ramsin


    [quote name='Brendan']Bought a sheesha for one of my old friends for his birthday. We must have tried smoking about 2g of some greenery before realising it simply wasn't working. Never tried smoking tobacco through it. [I]Chapter 1: Testaments To My Intellect[/I][/QUOTE] No it works ;). My favorite flavors are lemon mint, and gummy bear. I used to have my own hookah, but now I just tend to go to hookah bars instead.
  10. Ramsin

    Android Apps?

    I recently made a news app for android for my school, and I used a program called mosync, basically like eclipse but for phone development. Making an android app is much easier than making an iOS app. Good luck.
  11. Fuck work :/ oh well Haven't played in like a week or two.
  12. Ramsin

    The Hangover part III

    All I can say is I bought a new giraffe.
  13. [quote name='Tuomas']Gold Ring & Bronze Spear here :) -Ign : You Hack Goblins drops Bronze Spears btw :)[/QUOTE] I knew that just to lazy to go kill them right now. I will hit you up after I eat breakfast, and you too Cart.
  14. [quote name='Cart']I have a bronze spear, user?[/QUOTE] Assyria.