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  1. smp203

    Rune-evo v3 question!

    except when i delete the files there .os files and they dont repack they just stay gone when i run and compile the server
  2. smp203

    Rune-evo v3 question!

    No I wanna delete packed spawns because the spawns aren't working because they don't respawn and I need to find packed spawns
  3. Does anyone know where the packed spawns are located and also what kind of files they are like.txt or.java and also thanks in advance
  4. might anyone know exactly where its located i cant find it because all i can find are .os files and i dont think thats right because when i delete it doesnt show that the spawns are getting repacked someone please help :P
  5. is the packed spawns right here? C:\Users\steven\Desktop\Rune-Evo v3\data\map\packedSpawns
  6. I always notice ill be killing stuff then they'll just stop respawning after a while only a few spawn again then they'll just stop spawning can anyone help its rune-evo v3
  7. im trying to get pking ready and i noticed when two players kill each other in wildy or red portal they keep all there stuff but they also get pk points and there kdr changes its very annoying and needs to be changed fast because i dont want people full torva rushing and own people with no risk
  8. [quote name='Zapped']Are you a owner? or a Admin?[/QUOTE] no ill have two accounts both arent admin or owner there both regular players and they dont lose items on death
  9. hey can anyone help me cant lose items in wildy or red portal