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  1. Thanks for the release 😃
  2. NexusPk - The Best RSPS Spawn! Website: https://nexusrsps.com/refer.php?=runelocus NexusPK is a server written from scratch by individual and professional programmers. It offers the most thrilling content you will find in any Runescape Private Server. The server is targeting revision 131. NexusPK is not made because of we want money, rather we aim to give people more chance to play a server they enjoy and get known to the staff team. Our friendly staff team is always active, so you don't have to be hesitated to ask for help. Staff Team: Holy - Owner and Developer Gwisted - Co-Owner Veke - Server Support Developer Log (24/4/18) Special attack to abyssal whips, dragon mace and dragon longsword. Bank tabs have been added! Launcher and client have been added. Woodcutting has been implemented. Teleport tabs have been added. Added SGS, BGS and ZGS special attacks. Added website integrating, donating and voting! Added Blood money shop! Added commands ::Veng, ::barrage and ::Tb. Added fully working gmaul spec. Added untradeable item shop. Fixed mage bank webs. Corrected ss sword graphics Added a staff zone. Added a starter pack upon finishing tutorial. Added a second blood money shop. Added a commands list. Added a teleport portal to home area. Media
  3. Okay, first off go to your DialogueHandler.java, and add these dialogues: [CODE] case 310: sendNpcChat2("Thank you for helping me with the quest.", "I no longer need help!", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 0; break; case 309: sendNpcChat( "'Maybe, but I won't be holding my breath.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 0; c.getPA().showInterface(12140); c.getItems().addItem(995, 2000000); c.Quest = 2; break; case 308: sendNpcChat2("Well, maybe one day I'll be important enough to sit on", "the Duke's table.", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 309; break; case 307: sendNpcChat2("I'm afraid not, only the big cheeses get to dine with the", "Duke.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 308; break; case 306: sendNpcChat( "So do I get to go to the Duke's Party?", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 307; break; case 305: sendNpcChat2("You've brought me everything I need! I am saved!", "thank you!", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 306; break; case 304: sendNpcChat( "Yes, I have them here!", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 305; break; case 303: sendNpcChat( "'How are you getting on with finding the ingredients?", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 304; break; case 302: sendNpcChat2("I am a real cook! I haven't got time to be chatting", "about Culinary Fashion. I am in desperate need of help!", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 279; break; case 301: sendNpcChat2("The whole hat, apron, stripey trousers ensemble - it", "works. It makes you look like a real cook.", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 302; break; case 300: sendNpcChat( "'It's all standard cook's issue uniform...", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 301; break; case 299: sendNpcChat( "Still, suits you. The trousers are pretty special to.", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 300; break; case 298: sendNpcChat( "'Err thank you. It's pretty ordinary cooks hat really.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 299; break; case 297: sendNpcChat( "Nice hat!", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 298; break; case 296: sendNpcChat2("No, I'm not. The world is caving in around me - I am", "overcome by dark feelings of implending doom.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 279; break; case 295: sendNpcChat( "You don't look very happy.", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 296; break; case 294: sendNpcChat( "*sniff* Don't talk to me about cakes...", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 279; break; case 293: sendNpcChat( "You're a cook, why don't you bake me a cake?", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 294; break; case 292: sendNpcChat( "I've got all the information I need, Thanks.", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.Quest = 1; c.nextChat = 0; break; case 291: sendNpcChat( "But any chicken should lay eggs.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 286; break; case 290: sendNpcChat2("I normally get my eggs from the Groats' farm, on the", "other side of the river.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 291; break; case 289: sendNpcChat2("Talk to Gillie Groats, she looks after the Dairy cows", "she'll tell you everything you need to know about milking cows.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 286; break; case 288: sendNpcChat2("There is a cattle field on the other side of the river,", "just across the road from the Groats' Farm.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 289; break; case 287: sendNpcChat( "I think there just might be some flour laying around here.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 286; break; case 285: sendNpcChat( "So where do I find these ingredients then?", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 286; break; case 284: sendNpcChat2("Oh, thank you, thank you. I need milk, an egg and", "flour. I'd be very grateful if you can get them for me.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 285; break; case 283: sendNpcChat( "Yes, I'll help you.", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 284; break; case 282: sendOption2("I'm always happy to help a cook in distress.", "I can't right now. Maybe later."); c.dialogueAction = 282; c.nextChat = 0; break; case 281: sendNpcChat4( "I've forgotten to buy the ingredients. I'll never get", "them in time now. He'll sack me! What will I do? I have", "four children and a goat to look after. Would you help", "me? please?", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 282; break; case 280: sendNpcChat3( "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I'm in a terrible terrible", "mess! It's the Duke's birthday today, and I should be", "making him a lovely big birthday cake.", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 281; break; case 279: sendNpcChat( "What's wrong?", c.playerId, ""+c.playerName+""); c.nextChat = 280; break; case 278: sendNpcChat( "What am I to do?", c.talkingNpc, "Cook"); c.nextChat = 274; break; case 286: sendOption4("Where do I find some flour?","How about milk?", "And eggs? Where are they found?", "Actually, I know where to find this stuff."); c.dialogueAction = 286; c.teleAction = -1; break; case 274: sendOption4("What's wrong?","Can you make me a cake?", "You don't look very happy.", "Nice hat!"); c.dialogueAction = 274; c.teleAction = -1; break;[/CODE] (OPTIONAL) If you don't have NpcChat 1, 2 and 3, find [CODE] /* * Npc Chatting */[/CODE] Under that add: [CODE] private void sendNpcChat2(String s, String s1, int ChatNpc, String name) { c.getPA().sendFrame200(4888, 591); c.getPA().sendFrame126(name, 4889); c.getPA().sendFrame126(s, 4890); c.getPA().sendFrame126(s1, 4891); c.getPA().sendFrame75(ChatNpc, 4894); c.getPA().sendFrame164(4887); } private void sendNpcChat3(String s, String s1, String s2, int ChatNpc, String name) { c.getPA().sendFrame200(4894, 591); c.getPA().sendFrame126(name, 4895); c.getPA().sendFrame126(s, 4896); c.getPA().sendFrame126(s1, 4897); c.getPA().sendFrame126(s2, 4898); c.getPA().sendFrame75(ChatNpc, 4894); c.getPA().sendFrame164(4893); } private void sendNpcChat(String s, int ChatNpc, String name) { c.getPA().sendFrame200(4883, 591); c.getPA().sendFrame126(name, 4884); c.getPA().sendFrame126(s, 4885); c.getPA().sendFrame75(ChatNpc, 4883); c.getPA().sendFrame164(4882); }[/CODE] Now go to ActionHandler.java, and under "public void firstClickNpc(int i) {" add [CODE] case 278: if (c.Quest == 0) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(278, i); } if (c.getItems().playerHasItem(1933, 1)) { if (c.getItems().playerHasItem(1927, 1)) { if (c.getItems().playerHasItem(1944, 1)) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(303, i); } } } if (c.Quest == 2) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(310, i); } break;[/CODE] Now go to Client.java, and under public int lowMemoryVersion = 0; , add [CODE]public int Quest = 0;[/CODE] Now to to ClickingButtons.java, and under case 9178, and under that add [CODE]npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 286) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(287, npcType); } npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 274) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(279, npcType); } [/CODE] Now find case 9179, and under that add [CODE]npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 274) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(293, npcType); } npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 286) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(288, npcType); }[/CODE] Now find case 9180, and under that add [CODE]npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 274) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(295, npcType); } npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 286) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(290, npcType); }[/CODE] Now find case 9181, and under that add [CODE]npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 274) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(297, npcType); } npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 286) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(292, npcType); }[/CODE] Now find case 9157, and under that add [CODE]npcType = 278; //cook if(c.dialogueAction == 282) { c.getDH().sendDialogues(283, npcType); }[/CODE] Now find c.dialogueAction = 0; and under that you should find [CODE] c.getPA().removeAllWindows();[/CODE] Delete that because it will close your dialogue interface once you click continue. Now go to PlayerSave.java, and under p.heightLevel = Integer.parseInt(token2); add [CODE] } else if (token.equals("character-Quest")) { p.Quest = Integer.parseInt(token2);[/CODE] Now find .toString(p.heightLevel).length()); and under that add [CODE] characterfile.newLine(); characterfile.write("character-Quest= ", 0, 16); characterfile.write(Integer.toString(p.Quest), 0, Integer .toString(p.Quest).length());[/CODE] Now for the last, go to spawn-config.cfg and add this somewhere: [CODE]spawn = 278 3208 3215 0 1 0 0 0 0 Cook[/CODE] You are now completed! Post if you get any errors.
  4. [quote name='PwntNoob']Lol. Also. You have double posted this... [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?101767-Project-insanity-based-server-2007scape[/url] [MENTION=12]Ziek`[/MENTION][/QUOTE] Yup, i couldn't find a way to delete it.
  5. [quote name='rspzs']Next time call its shitty pi[/QUOTE] Says someone who has never created a RSPS, L000L. Retard alert
  6. Mhm, i couldn't create a better name, lol.
  7. Features: -Donators added! -Nex armours with hp boost -clipped following -instant switching -added overloads -added pvp armours (vesta,morrigans,zuriels,statius) -colored whips -Dragon claws with special -Added primal armours -634 revision model header -added comp cape -added 100% tutorial island -added tokhaar-kal -almost all dupes fixed -custom quests -working agility -working mystery boxes -working strange boxes -stat reset npc -(i) rings added -all chaotics added with animations -added all spirit shields -added korasi's sword with special -added nex boss (pretty buggy) commands: ::home, ::mb, ::Agility, ::bank, ::xteleto, ::jail, ::train ::Dzone -100% working pest control -celestial catalytic staffs added -dragon defender added And more! Screenshots: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/szewryoo01g33q1/Project Insanity Server.rar?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zr0yl71wjxo0cn5/RSPS client.rar?dl=0
  8. Javac: file not found: src\server\event\*.java Usage: javac (options) (source files) use -help for a list of possible options press any key to continue...
  9. If i try to compile my 2006remake server, It gives me errors, and i think it's because of my compiler code. I use this: [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\bin\javac.exe" -classpath deps/log4j-1.2.15.jar;deps/jython.jar;deps/xstream.jar;deps/mina.jar;deps/mysql.jar;deps/poi.jar;deps/slf4j.jar;deps/slf4j-nop.jar -d bin src\server\event\*.java src\server\model\items\*.java src\server\model\minigames\*.java src\server\model\npcs\*.java src\server\model\objects\*.java src\server\model\players\*.java src\server\model\players\skills\*.java src\server\model\players\packets\*.java src\server\model\shops\*.java src\server\net\*.java src\server\task\*.java src\server\util\*.java src\server\world\*.java src\server\util\log\*.java src\server\*.java src\server\world\map\*.java pause What should i change, so it could work?
  10. If i try to run the server, it says "Connection error - retrying in 5 seconds" I've changed client-java host to, and it still gives me this error. Please response quickly if you know how it can be fixed.
  11. NexusRSPS

    [PI] Client.java?

    It's really messy for my server, has anyone Client.java for project insanity, and it's more organized? [CLIENT SIDED}
  12. How do i fix this? [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/V5XQCHm.png[/IMG]