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  1. Good ol' times

  2. Why hello there, haven't seen you in quite the while!

  3. Hey Friend.

  4. Stop! Hammer time!

  5. If the 'java' command isn't recognized, you either need to put your path in your system environments or specify the whole path you java.exe in your runserver.bat
  6. [quote name='rspshelpplz']Caused by: java.net.BindException: Address already in use: bind[/QUOTE] The address is already used ;)
  7. I think that came around revision 508, which is after PI ;)
  8. Well, if I understand you correctly you would be making a whole new game from scratch, since you will have to make the runescape world itself in 8bit blocks and thus needing to re-write pretty much everything of the code, since it calculations of the pathfinding etcetera would be a lot different. Would it be impossible? No, but you're basically making your own game which requires very, very very much time, patience and skill to do.
  9. Oh noes, it's admin nao! Gz mate ;P

  10. rise nooob

  11. The title is incorrect, as it are statements, not only if-statements or conditional statements. Also I'm missing operators, especially the conditional operator [code]private int rights = (name == "David") ? 1 : 0;[/code]