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  1. The resources/crowns were provided by him, therefore it is his fault that they're not sized correctly. Also the client shouldn't need to ask him to fix it in the first place, it's something he should already have done before snatching the clients money. I'm sorry but your comment simply made me facepalm and laugh. Are you actually being serious? "A lot of that Stuff You could fix on your own with some common knowledge". So you pay somebody to get a service done for you, the service is completed with minimum effort/presentation, and it's YOUR job to fix that? I really hope one day something with your car or computer goes wrong, and you take it in for a repair service, and the guy finishes the service but he for example lets you put all your pc parts back together yourself, or tells you to fit your tires back in yourself. Maybe then you'll realize my point. Also "Also if you didn't specify where you wanted the groups to be at in Legend, its not his fault." Yet another facepalm. If you think the shade of the ranks (referring to all of them having a certain color shade expect Forum Moderator) is normal then you're clearly delusional. Also, I'm pretty sure anybody in their right mind wouldn't specifically ask for a messed up rank order (Admin being at the end). I've personally spoken to the owner of the forums about this in the past and from what I gathered I'm assuming that he wasn't 100% pleased with it, but he wasn't willing to complain either, due to the price of the service. I my self have setup countless forums for people, and I've never let my work become sloppy like this. If I'm able to create a presentable and fully functional forums, then why can't the guy with 'supposed' 3 years of experience do it, and do it at a even higher standard? I don't mean to come off as a rude/arrogant person, I just really hate how people provide a service and take money for work that is clearly not presentable/professional.
  2. LOOOOL, after seeing some of this guys previous work on forums for other people I can truly say that this guy is robbing you blind. Yes it might be small stuff, but still why pay for sloppy work? Here are some of my analysts for one piece of work he has completed. The elements pointed at with a red arrow indicate lack of quality work. I don't know if you upcoming RSPS owners want to actually succeed with a successful & professional server, but if you do, don't waste your money on somebody who wants to just rip you off with a quick forum installation without any consideration towards the professionalism & presentation of the forums. The reason why this guy does get so many vouches is because he provides his forum services at a cheap price, and the people he does the services for don't know better to identify the sloppy work. My advice, buy from somebody else.
  3. Dang, your excessive knowledge/practice of the English language makes me extremely confident that your services will be highly adequate. #GetYourGrammarRight!
  4. Didn't post a vouch for this guy when I first bought from him, so I'll do it now: Big vouch! Fast, reliable, professional and an all-around great service!
  5. This has to do with the cache. Maybe it's missing, or not found. Check that you have the cache in your C drive, and that in your signlink.java contains the correct path to the cache. If you're auto downloading it make sure that the cace is zipped correctly, and that the name of the downloadable cache matches the one in signlink.
  6. This error occurs when you're attempting to use a case statement outside of a switch block.
  7. Which is longer, and inefficient*
  8. What do you mean by "the command doesn't work"? As in does it not execute, or does the actual ipbanning system not work?
  9. You don't have to use Utorrent at all. You could just port forward through your router, and that would be all.
  10. [code] if (playerCommand.startsWith("promo")) { if (c.usedPromoCode == 0) { if (playerCommand.substring(6).equalsIgnoreCase("newbie")) { c.sendMessage("You have redeemed the code " + playerCommand.substring(6)); c.usedPromoCode = 1; return; } if (playerCommand.substring(6).equalsIgnoreCase("banter")) { c.sendMessage("You have redeemed the code " + playerCommand.substring(6)); c.usedPromoCode = 1; return; } if (playerCommand.substring(6).equalsIgnoreCase("i")) { c.sendMessage("You have redeemed the code " + playerCommand.substring(6)); c.usedPromoCode = 1; return; } c.sendMessage("Sorry, the promotional code " + playerCommand.substring(6) + " doesn't exist!"); } else { c.sendMessage("Sorry, you've already used a promotional code!"); } }[/code] Enjoy :)
  11. It's going to be quite hard to work with somebody, whose grammar ability is equivalent to a 10 year old...
  12. uncalled for

    GTLVote help

    Maybe show your errors?
  13. Hello everybody, I've added auto-vote to do some testing, but I've got an extremely strange outcome from this... Below are a few tests I conducted, "Succeed" states that I was able to get to the second stage of voting (meaning that voting was a success) and I'm now inputting my name to receive a reward. "Fail" states that I got the "Please vote on all sites" error, when I have voted on all sites. I am using the GTL Vote system. So here is my very weird problem: Test 1: Sites: Gaming-toplist - SUCCESS Test 2: Sites: Gaming-topist + Rune-locus - SUCCESS Test 3: Sites: Gaming-toplist + Rune-locus + R0ne-Server - SUCCESS Test 4: Sites: Gaming-toplist + Rune-locus + Rune-toplist - FAIL Test 5: Sites: Gaming-toplist + R0ne-server + Rune-toplist SUCCESS Test 6: Sites: Gaming-toplist + Rune-toplist SUCCESS Test 7: Sites: Gaming-toplist + R0ne-server SUCCESS It seems that for some reason test 4 fails, but when I test the sites separately they succeed? Any ideas..? I've never encountered this before, and I've set up auto-vote numerous times. I've double checked the callback links, and everything works perfectly, so long that Gaming-toplist + Rune-locus + R0ne-server aren't all together. Any help is appreciated.
  14. [quote name='Game Master']The enumeration will allow for specific item properties with ease. With some items, you would want to choose different currencies to be able to spawn, as opposed to just gold. So, just like in my original example, the Bandos godsword requires gold as the currency, however, right under that is the Saradomin godsword; which uses warrior guild tokens as the currency. This would also allow for the exact same list to disallow the spawnability of certain items, or have different currency requirements to spawn -- all with a single list. So, you would be able to have specific items set for specific currencies, amounts, or unable to be spawned in general with the same list. And you could add your 'getter' method for this enumeration, so your spawn command wouldn't be so filled up. Plus adding another class that handles these item properties would allow for better packaging and organization. Whereas you could just clutter up a commands file. Notwithstanding, there would be more efficient ways of doing this, such as annotations. However, using an enum would be simple, and still effective nonetheless.[/QUOTE] Mhmmm, I agree with you on the fact that having a seperate class would be a better organisation method, instead of cluttering the commands class.