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    error help

    Expand the description box so we can get a better view of the full error
  2. rizalgar

    Add Objects 830+

    As title says, can't seem to figure it out. I've checked ObjectHandler, Manager, UnpackedObjects and all that. I checked to see if there was a PackedObjects file, but was unable to locate one. If anyone could shoot me in the right direction here, that'd be great. Seems a lot easier to do this in Pre-EoC servers lol
  3. [quote name='OP411']idk why no one has helped you yet lol and yes dedicationx.com redirects you to runescape either they switched domains or they got "shut down" i doubt they were really big so if anything they are pretending to be shut down by Jagex LOL best of luck finding a new server :gg:[/QUOTE] Well damn it lol. There goes donations down the hole. Thanks for the reply though man. Move on to something else now.
  4. [FONT=times new roman][SIZE=3]I've been playing Dedication X server for over a month now, but starting a few days ago I've been unable to connect. I get a no connection error through the client so I tried going to their website (dedicationx.com) and it redirects me to the RuneScape homepage. So I'm wondering if the server is shut down or something or if it's just me that can't connect. If someone could provide some insight or at least check the site to see if it's down or just me, that'd be great.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  5. Is there a way to split skill xp multiplier? I would like skilling to go faster than combat but I can only find a setting to set the overall multiplier for all skills.
  6. I'd like to have half the skills it took to code this.
  7. [quote name='squashy']Dont worry this isn't malicious i scanned it with AVG and symantecs, its fine.[/QUOTE] Cool beans. Will download through Firefox then because Chrome scraps the download when it finishes.
  8. Don't know if anyone else has, but I got a malicious program warning through Chrome.
  9. Well now I can get them to spawn but I have another issue... The NPC id I enter is not the one that spawns in game... For instance, id 494, Banker, spawns a Barman which is actually id 849. So just to see if 849 would give me a banker, I put it in and it gave me a red dragon. So so sooooo much wtf -_-. Looked at other ones, another barman id is 30, which when spawned, is a normal level 3 man.
  10. Tried adding this into my Mining.java, compiled but threw out errors on server start. Using PI
  11. As it says, deleted all the spawns from the list, then started out with adding bankers at Edgeville bank. Compiles through Eclipse, then go to run server and get this [CODE]Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "1036 " at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source) at server.model.npcs.NPCHandler.loadAutoSpawn(NPCHandler.java:2197) at server.model.npcs.NPCHandler.<init>(NPCHandler.java:34) at server.Server.<clinit>(Server.java:53)[/CODE] So I checked line 2197, nothing of relevance from what I saw. Same with lines 34 and 53. I can script Skyrim all day, but Java code is just too weird for me so I'm not sure what I should do about this. It's probably something simple. I thought maybe it wasn't an added spawn, but I've tried just about every banker ID and get the same thing. My spawn-config looks like this [CODE]//bankers spawn = 1036 3096 3491 0 0 0 0 0 Banker spawn = 1036 3096 3492 0 0 0 0 0 Banker [ENDOFSPAWNLIST][/CODE] And yes, I googled the crap out of this and found lots of topics on this, but none were resolved.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, it's because you didn't place the cache in the data folder. Extract the cache, rename the folder to "cache" and then go into Chronicscape Project V2, open the data folder and place the cache folder in there.
  13. [quote name='Chronicscape']Thanks man and you will want to edit the cache with a Sprite Editor and edit Index 2498 What client settings are you using? I found DirectX works best with that update and you probably may want to find a new client to use because I had messed something up in the client customizing it lol but yea what settings were you on?[/QUOTE] Ah hell if I know lol. Just extracted it and changed it to my java version. :>
  14. Am I the only one that gets source compilation issues? I've tried like 5 different compilers, none working. Some saying it can't find the handlers in the .javas, others saying that org.netty.whatever could not be found.