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  1. For Changed Model Colors Use This: 933 = 0; Problem Solved! Why not open it in metasequoia to find the MATERIAL ID??
  2. OK what class in the client can I find the code to change the existing skybox that you see in game?
  3. How do you make skyboxes? I'll pay to find out
  4. ht t p:/ / www .r une-se rver.org/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/downloads/513874-718-music-replacer. html
  5. Add me on skype: fbowna92 if ur willing to help :D
  6. I'm buying serversided vote error fix, i have it 90% done. Im offering $20. Im using runetoplistv2.jar btw.
  7. fbowna92 add me plz I have same problem