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  1. so I saved it as Vote.Java So that needs to bee imported to a .class file so ill have the Vote.Java and Vote.Class? If this is what your saying how would I do this manually? Feel free to tell me to google it, but i figured it would be easier to get an answer straight from the source.
  2. im getting this error. [QUOTE]src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\CommandPacketHandler.java:2766: error: cannot find s ymbol if(Vote.claimVote(player())) { ^ symbol: variable Vote location: class CommandPacketHandler[/QUOTE]
  3. Any tips on converting it? I've searched google and found nothing on it, I may just be searching the wrong thing.
  4. I screwed it up from the mysql side of it from following a tutorial that ended up shutting my networking off and shutting it down for a bit, long story. Also Thanks for the reply and im checking that post out now. Would the same thing work for 562 server? For the most part it looks like it could but I'm still learning as I go so I could be wrong.
  5. I've finally given up after screwing my server up a few times aswell as my vps to. So I am reaching out to the community to help me install an Auth Code Voting system and get it working and I will pay you a decent amount for the effort. In all honestly its probably something I just missed and am blindly missing. Message me on Skype D.w.101 My name is Dylan And I would like help as fast as possible as my server is up and running and people nagging me to finish it.
  6. I am currently frustrated at the errors I been getting and unable to successfully fix fully. I haven't this coding stuff in years, any ways I had it working multiple times and it still works. Its unable to work for everyone at the same time. First my co-owner wasnt able fixed it for him now he has a version he kept that does and he can play so i know the server is online and everything it may just be a simple fix that i am blindly missing(most likely is). 2 other people cant use either. It has the cache updater in it and it works updates and verifys. After the update it stops at "checking version" and doesnt progress any further. I will pay someone to do it. If interested add me on skype d.w.101 Need ASAP