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  1. Home - Eon Play Discord - https://discord.gg/kmUqxmd We here at Eon, want to bring you the best experience possible. We are always listening to our players, and thinking about whats best for them. We have dedicated developers working on new content to be brought out weekly! Come check us out, you won't regret it! Boss List We have a total of 25 bosses for you and your friends to take down for amazing loot! Here are a few of those bosses! - King Black Dragon - Tormented Demons Corporeal Beast - Chaos elemental - Lizardman Shaman - Nex - Cerberus - Skotizo - Vorkath and Zulrah! Boss - Monster Drop Table By typing the command :: drops, a drop table will appear, and show you what all of our monsters and bosses drop! - Skilling - We have 25 skills for you to enjoy and grind away at! Including Farming! Construction Herblore Runecrafting Summoning Hunter Dungeoneering And more! - Minigames - We have 8 Minigames for you to choose from, hope you enjoy them. We will be adding more so stay tuned! - Pest Control - Barrows - Nomad's Requeim - Recipe for Disaster Play owned Shops Note Trader Voting rewards This is only a small portion of the content we have, come see the rest for yourself! GO, GO NOW TO OUR WEBSITE AND JOIN THE ADVENTURE!
  2. What can I do for you? Phalcon+Bootstrap websites Java applications Turn your PSD into a fully working website/java application RSPS Frameworks/Content Install IPB & Plugins & Custom IPB Theming TOS Paypal/Payment Requirements A verified paypal account is required for all payments. The paypal account must be in your own name and owned by you explicitly. All payments must be made in USD ($) currency. All other currencies may be denied and a refund of the original payment will be given. Refund Policy All Payments are final, charging back using paypal, or your credit card company will result in end of service. Payment Policy All payments must be done before the job is started, unless previously discussed. Contact By contacting me in any way for services you agree to the terms of services aforementioned. Skype: Zodiac.Development Discord: Betty Crocker#4821
  3. No pictures, strictly for ripping. No cache, no client. Rune evo 4 with lots of content added, look for yourself. Leech away! https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6by01y9si...CACHE.zip?dl=0 https://gyazo.com/e7afeb428a321ea3f06b83eb86132c35
  4. Home | Forums | Highscores Latest Updates: Fixed Launcher Added Crowns to Minimap Added night/day atmosphere def changing depending on users time Added new Client Music (Pokemon opening theme) Added new boss pet titles Added new boss pet system (Pokemon inspired) Fixed IComponentDefs in client to fix blackscreen/crash Notable Features: Custom Boss Pet System Flawless Client A Ton of Minigames Player Owned Store Onspot Dueling Boss Instances Ironman/Hardcore Ironman and 3 Regular modes Co-Op Slayer Spawn and Pk Minigame Comp Cape Media: Pokemon Inspired Boss-pets Pk Arena Minigame (Stats, Bank, Inventory, and Worn Equipment are seperately saved) Staff Icons On Minimap Day and Night (Depending on your PCs Local Time, aka Clock) We are a new 718/753 and would like to take mid revision rsps to the next level. This source/client has been worked on for ever 6 months offline to perfect and debug every aspect of content. This RSPS was made for learning in development, and to eventually be released to people to see if our time was worthy of your liking. We will be up regardless of anyone donating and will stay live and up to date! Come join the community and see the rest of our in-game content! (*Only bare content has been revealed)
  5. I need a person to help me code a lil im on a big delta project and kinda new to coding. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help. If i make money from this source/Server i will pay the Co-Dev/Helper 1/4 of what it gives! I am too poor to pay out of the pocket. :) Thanks, RuneWarfare