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  1. Optic-Pkz: The core of PK Links: Play Now Download Client Forums Why Optic-Pkz? -Online 24/7 -VPS Dedicated -Daily Updates -Stable Server Economy -Great Pking -Great Staff Some Features: Pking 24/7 Custom Points Exchange PK Points System Multi/Non-multi Pk areas Lunar/Vengeance Ancients Items: Dragon claws, Staff of Light, Vesta, Statius, Spirit Shields, + more! Pictures: Links: Play Now Download Client Forums
  2. Can i be forum moderator EvoScape forums. Tech Cat

  3. Do you need staff on your server?

  4. Thanks everyone. Also, I am not Evo7 or whatever, the only usernames I use are xEvo, Evoze, and Exion.
  5. Server is back up everyone!
  6. I never check my messages so I wouldn't of known, sorry anyways.
  7. Server is now run on a VPS.
  8. @Teh Pwnzor: What...? @Father: I won't be adding any more customs. Plus, I only add real RuneScape items. @ProjectRune: We have a webclient. Here.
  9. Update: New items added!
  10. Haha yea, this is my source Exion but it's heavily modified and lot's of things have been fixed.
  11. NEW WEBCLIENT: Play now (Webclient) Client: EvoScape.jar Double XP Weekend: Currently on! Please scroll down for information, pictures, and more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Recent Update] New bosses! You can now get PvP armor and weapons from them! Read the full post here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to: New Era creator (For some models and anims :wub:) *Also, don't say this is just another Project Insanity leech, because it isn't. I've been working on this server for about 2 months, adding in lot's of new content and improving the stability by LOADS. Still don't believe? Play for your self and see. ECONOMY SERVER! Pictures located at the bottom! ALL DUPES PATCHED! Great economy! We are also currently looking for active staff! WEBCLIENT: http://evoscape.net/play.html Client Download: http://www.evoscape.net/EvoScape.rar Forums: EvoScape - Index Features: Turmoil All skills work! Great PKing! Plenty minigames Fight caves, 10 waves for Jad! Barrows, flawless! Pest control, updated! Duel arena, 100% staking! Godwars dungeon, all bosses! King Black Dragon Chaos elemental Dagganoth kings, drop Spirit shields! Full slayer tower All spells Vengeance! Pictures: NEW: Premium Member Island! WEBCLIENT: http://evoscape.net/play.html Client Download: http://www.evoscape.net/EvoScape.jar Forums: EvoScape - Index
  12. Webclient: http://www.evoscape.net/play.html Client: http://www.evoscape.net/EvoScape.rar Forums: http://www.evoscape.net/forums/ Some features: *Turmoil *Spirit shields *PvP weapons *Dragon claws *PK points, PK shop, Donator shop, +3m if you kill your opponent! Webclient Quick Chat New hit masks Custom yell system Great PKing Great Skilling Many Minigames Spirit shields Many more! Webclient: http://www.evoscape.net/play.html Client: http://www.evoscape.net/EvoScape.rar Forums: http://www.evoscape.net/forums/