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  1. Blake

    If you downvote my post then my first act as mod will be banning you.

    1. Arix


      If I feel like it my act of today will be banning you.

    2. Blake
  2. wHaT tHE fUCk dID yOU jUsT fUCkIng sAY aBOuT mE yoU...
  3. I need you help ,Divine, to find a song you showed me a really long time ago.

    1. Blake


      I've got you mate, what song?

    2. DoseSociety


      its the one about the person being killed in an ally 

  4. Blake

    Hi, just wondering why you reacted negatively to my routine check. I was following instructions and am confused. Thank you

    1. Arix


      Because as per routine, my job in this routine is to downvote it.

    2. Blake


      So... I'll take that as a "You're next in line for mod, Blake". Cool, perfect, thank you

    3. Arix



  5. Hi, it's new quarter, am checking
  6. I'm going to ddos your boolean ip 

  7. So I'm right behind Shishir G and right ahead of Avoid. Rad, as I said I'll check back next quarter.
  8. Ok, will check in next quarter.
  9. Hey so just wondering if I'm a mod yet?

  10. Am I a mod yet?