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  1. i have downloaded it and when i try and add my background image it says i need to reduce size, so ive reduced it from 80k+ to 50k which is the most i can reduce by and it still isnt working, nothing is going right -.-
  2. there is no sprites folder.. and your link doesnt work greattt
  3. i did it differently to everyone else, click on your compiler, if it says 'cant detect path' redirect it to your version of java, and thats how you can update your server
  4. that doesn't help man :| what about this? ClientScript2.anEventQueue5262 = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getSystemEventQueue(); } catch (sprites/pic.png) { /* empty */
  5. i am 99% of the way there, i have made my server image on Photoshop and i just need to add it into the code so that my background image shows up on the client, does anyone know where it is and how to change it?
  6. Omg i worked it out! that required more thought than i expected
  7. yeah i have a problem with setting myself as owner too, below is what i have the code as, should be right? i restart the server and type ::setrights 2 ryan and it doesnt work? someone direct me please ill be grateful! public final class Settings { public static final String SERVER_NAME = "Foxtrot 718"; public static int PORT_ID = 43595; public static final String[] OWNERS = { "ryan" }; public static boolean ZOMBIE_ENABLED = true;