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  1. Awesome server, JOIN TODAY +1112312
  2. 40 on daily! Awesome staff and community, I highly suggest you people join.
  3. A great server, more updates than ever!
  4. Awesome server, has plenty of bosses including new wildy bosses! Cave kraken and lava drags also coming soon! Come play it!
  5. Vexi

    [Delta] Help?

    I got my server up and running perfectly, I just need to know how to change what the logout button screen says like "When you are finished playing Runescape" How do I change that?
  6. Good luck buddy! Hopefully all progress goes well.
  7. Vexi

    Help asap!!

    I changed all the ip adresses that I needed to change, but there are still some "LocalHost" parts now do I put my NO-IP host name, or do I put Please respond ASAP
  8. I wish to change my clients background but there's no sprites to be found except sprites.java ... It's not in the cache or anything, any ideas?
  9. Okay so, I changed the to my server host on No-ip in both Server.java and Client .java I still get "Error Connecting to server" I did portforward here is a picture in-case I messed up. [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/25j9tm9.png[/img]
  10. Vexi


    Lots of water like he said, no POP it really messes up your diet.
  11. Nah, but Welcome back :P I been good how are you?